July 10th, 2015

Last updated on June 6th, 2018 at 10:48 pm

Quitting smoking is really important to your health and also really difficult for your body and mind. Imagine doing something for 10, 20, or even 40 years, it becomes a habit and that habit gets even harder to kick. Getting involved with eCigarette vape pens and vaporizing can ease the transition for your mind and body while not drastically damaging your health like smoking tobacco. These small devices can seem complicated for the new vaper but these tips can help you buy just the piece that is right for you.

  1. Buy Variable Voltage eCigarette Vape Pens

A lot of the vape pens that you see are constant volt and cannot change the voltage of the battery. This is ok if you know what you are doing but for the many noobies or rookies, they do not so it’s best to experiment. When you change the voltage, it gives different ohm resistance to the atomizer or tank. This creates a more thick, delicious vapor; essentially the whole point! The higher the voltage the harsher your vapor will be but some people like this. They usually start at 3.2 volts and go all the way to 6.0 volts.

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  1. Experiment with Different eLiquids

All eLiquids have a different ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, or as some of you know it as PG to VG, and you very well might prefer a different ratio than the next guy. Some juices will have 20% glycerin and others will have 30%. It is usually normal to have a 1:1 ratio but for bigger clouds of vapor, you will need a bit more VG. Vegetable Glycerin is a much thicker texture so you will need have it mixed with distilled water or a bit more PG to help it from clogging your atomizer.These ratios create the smoky vapor substance you’re looking for and lock in the flavor. With variances from company to company you will be glad you tried a couple of different options. You can even experiment making your own liquids, they sell glycerin at the local drug stores or Amazon.

  1. Prime your Puff

With vaporizing there is a delay in the hit in comparison to drawing an actual cigarette because the battery has to heat the coil and the liquid to give you a good draw. Priming your puffs allows the unit to heat up and give you the thick, flavorful hit you’re craving. Just hold down your activation button 1-3 seconds before drawing, continue to hold button while you draw the vapors. Priming allows you to get the hit that you desire every time. Make sure to take long and slow drags as the harder you puff the cooler your coils will get.

  1. Pay Close Attention to Your Battery

Battery life can remain but the hit still won’t be as satisfying if your battery isn’t running at full voltage. Try to keep it fully charged even though you know that you have some life left. The battery operates best at full capacity, if you start getting unsatisfying, dull hits then you are probably experiencing a low battery. Keeping it charged will not only save you eJuice but it will also ensure you’re never caught without your vaporizer. Invest in a car charger and charge on the go! Some vape pens don’t work while charging and others are dangerous to vape on while charging. Lithium ion batteries can get too hot and bubble up causing a small explosion.

  1. Never Overfill

Overfilling your eCigarette vape pen can strip the atomizer and ruin your unit. If you hear a gurgling sound then you’ve definitely flooded your piece from overfilling. If you cut all of the air out of the chamber with filling too high you will get small draws and possibly break your piece. Don’t fill too high and maybe just drop a couple of drops into your atomizer mid session using a hollow drip tip instead of a cartridge. This can help you to keep your session going without risk of overfill.