July 15th, 2015

Last updated on August 15th, 2019 at 09:34 pm

The idea for the vaporizer hoodie was first birthed as a pipe hoodie and created by a company in Vermont called Hook Horkerz. They were at the 2014 Cannabis Cup in Colorado sharing their great technology when they first caught the eye of Elvis Edwards, a Colorado citizen and Caribbean native. He decided to figure out how to produce a version of the hoodie that was vaporizer capable, and that is how VapRwear was born. With these two companies on the market we thought we might dissect the two brands and figure out which is better.

  • Hook Horkerz, The Original Cannabis Hoodie

Hook Horkerz started in the natural way, two buddies were without a pipe and founder Sean Oliver thought how genius it would be to hit your herbs out of the drawstrings on his hoodie. That day he went to Home Depot and create the first pipe made out of hoodie drawstrings. You simply pack your dry herbs into the bowl piece drawstring and then apply your lips to the mouthpiece drawstring, light the bowl piece and experience a real hit of pure herbs from your actual clothing!

It is pretty genius. So genius, in fact, that another company was born from the idea. Founder Sean Oliver is a little angry about another company around that took his organic idea, but the model for VapRWear is a bit more expansive than the original Hook Horkerz sweatshirt brand.vaporizer-hoodie


  • VapRWear, Innovating a Classic

When Elvis Edwards, or ‘Papi’ as everyone calls him, saw the sweatshirt he immediately wanted to improve on the original model. He was keen to the craze with vaporization and decided to manufacture a vaporizing hoodie. His hoodie VapRWear is a vaporizer drawstring compatible with dry herbs, wax, oil and concentrates of all kinds.

The hoodie itself uses has a patented DLO3 vapor system which fits right into a pocket within the hood. All of the fabric is custom and high quality with a signature red inner lining. Each of the hoodies is adorned with his signature insignia, a pelican with a red mohawk just like his own.

Although the major draw with Papi’s VapRWear is the compatibility with all forms of herbs which he also killed it in the marketing plan. Not only are heavy hitters Snoop Dawg and Wiz Khalifa openly fans of his product but he also launched the hoodies during X Games. They held a genius promotional giveaway on Instagram and dropped the initial price to $50 with the first launch of the product. Aside from all functionality, which is on point, the VapRWear company is hustling the business side of their hoodie venture better than Hook Horkerz.

  • Which is Better?

Sure, Papi took an idea from some bros in Vermont and made it his own, but he also changed the functionality completely. Where the idea was born with Sean Oliver, it wasn’t a true success until Papi began VapRwear. For the functionality alone I would choose VapRwear first, but I will be frank I like the style of the Hook Horkerz hoodies a little better.