February 14th, 2015

Last updated on May 3rd, 2018 at 12:59 pm

A dramatic turn towards strict legislation of e-cigarettes is about to sweep the nation. Individuals, governmental authorities, and health officials are coming out to oppose the use of e-cigs and vapes across the country. Despite a lack of solid evidence indicating that these devices are any more harmful(or even as harmful as) traditional cigarettes, the debate continues to swing against e-cigarettes and those who wish to keep them legal.

In light of recent legislations and city-wide bans, it is important that the vaping community prepare for what lies ahead. The amount of opposition we are currently experiencing is no joke, it is reality. It also reflects the public’s opinions of our devices. It is therefore imperative that we keep our attitudes, and opinions in check especially while in the public eye. If we wish to keep e-cigs legal then we have to respect the rights of others as well.

In fact, what we say as e-cig users will now be monitored largely by the University of Arizona and the Mayo Clinic. They have been given a 5 year, $2.7 million grant to study social media for e-cig users habits and health information. That means that every tweet, Facebook post, and Instagram photo is now up for grabs to be studied and scrutinized by “researchers” who already have a bias slant.

Additionally, the e-cig lobby is up against big tobacco in a big way. Tobacco companies are taking a hit thanks to a combined effort from anti-smoking campaigns and also e-cigs. Do you think they will support the movement? Definitely not. You also have to realize that big tobacco lobby’s the state and federal government for studies, and supplies researchers with grants to help things spin more in their favor. That kind of money and campaigning is hard to come up against, especially when it is placed in the top political candidate’s campaign funds.

Yet again, some proposed legislation is also asking for e-cig companies to foot the bill on testing individual flavors for levels of nicotine and any other harmful chemicals. This will obviously have a direct impact on the type of flavors available as well as which companies stay afloat through the legislative action. Some companies may even be forced to reduce or halt their production altogether.

It is also incredibly important to understand the facts surrounding so many of these false studies. Before taking anything at face value, do your research and find out who funded the study. If it happened to be big tobacco or even a governmental grant, the results could be twisted in a bias manner. Despite this fact, we also need to have some trust regarding studies. Our case will have no footing if we have no evidence to support it. Once we are better educated we can in turn educate the public and provide a better ground to base new legislative action on.

Once we take these facts into consideration we will be better equipped to handle the future.