March 9th, 2015

Last updated on May 8th, 2018 at 02:44 pm

Israel has been on the forefront of the burgeoning medical marijuana industry for some time now as its national government has recognized medical marijuana for its tested and consistent therapeutic benefits. Although the government still regulates it’s use to those with valid medical ailments, their lawmakers still seem to be comparatively more progressive than those currently in D.C. when it comes to cannabis laws, so it’s no surprise that some of the greatest technological innovations would be coming from where there are currently over 20,000 users of medical marijuana dosing perfectly within the law.

Revolutionary Leap in the Cannabis Industry

In a rapidly growing, competitive industry, Israeli start-up Syqe Medical LTD. is now set to introduce the Syqe Inhaler, a vaporizer specifically designed for medicinal cannabis use. The Syqe Inhaler is revolutionary in its design and function as it is the first vaporizer created for the sole purpose of regulating a patient’s intake of marijuana.

The way the Syqe Inhaler regulates a patient’s dose is quite ingenious. As where a normal vaporizer would use cannabis flowers, the Syqe Inhaler uses cartridges of cannabis granules so that a doctor can prescribe precise dosages to a patient. In other words, if someone’s medical practitioner feels that a person only needs a small amount of marijuana then they can prescribe them several one milligram cartridges (the lowest amount currently prescribed). This might not be turning heads in the dispensaries in California but it’s a huge development for those who might not be as “experienced” such as elderly cancer patients. In this regard, the Syqe Inhaler is sort of a buzzkill in that it is designed to be as accurate as possible in providing a significant amount of pain-reducing effects while simultaneously attempting to reduce as much of the cannabis’ psychoactive qualities as possible.

Syqe Vaporizer Working with the iPhone

Medical Use Vaporizer

The Syqe Inhaler is completely for medical use and nowhere is that more apparent than in its design. Sleek, white, and sterile, the Syqe Inhaler looks like something you would find in a hospital and not a headshop. Combine its utopian design with the fact that it records dosages and then shares records with the user’s doctor via a Wi-Fi connection, it becomes clear that the Syqe Inhaler is more THX than THC. The records, like the cartridges, are used as a medical tool insuring the most clear and precise dosages by monitoring a patient’s use.

3D-Printed Design on a Vaporizer

While the Syqe Inhaler might literally be your grandmother’s vaporizer, that doesn’t make it any less revolutionary. In fact, it makes it more so in that various scientific minds came together to create a device specifically designed to reduce a patient’s pain levels by medicating them with finite amounts of cannabis. It’s even more telling that the Syqe Inhaler was created with seventy-five percent 3D printed material. It’s serious medical innovation that demands to be taken seriously. Products like the Syqe Inhaler legitimize cannabis’ medicinal properties by attempting to remove the psychoactive aspects from the patient’s experience with the substance. While that’s not going to get much of a buzz on the streets of Seattle or Denver, it’s products like the Syqe Inhaler that can force lawmakers to reconsider their positions on current legislation, and that can be a very good thing for everyone.