February 17th, 2016

Last updated on September 25th, 2017 at 08:54 pm

The makers of the Source Orb 3 Vaporizer have been operating out of an outfit in Las Vegas, Nevada under the name SOURCEvapes since 2012. This all in one kit does more for the modern vaper than any other kit that we’ve reviewed pretty much. There one pack is not only under a hundred dollars but can vape every type of material that there is.

Source Orb 3 Premum Kit VaporizerSource Orb 3 Kit Basics

The Source Orb 3 kit consists of a variable voltage battery with 1 button functionality. The skillets and atomizers screw right into a tulip style shell that matches the sleek, metallic colored battery. It’s super portable with a fully charged battery lasts for a whole day on the lowest voltage and less as the higher voltages are used. Each Source Orb 3 kit comes with a hard shell travel case which makes it portable despite having a lot of small pieces. We carry King Pen Vapes soft carry cases too in case you want options.

Functionality & Manufacturing

First off, the Source Orb 3 Vaporizer is incredibly easy to use for even the most novice vape user. One button turns the piece on and off, changes the operating temperature and activates the heating coil. Now tell me that’s not unique. The button is controlled by a series of clicks to ensure that it is on, locked or vaping.  Atomizers and skillets screw in and out of the center of the tulip atomizers seamlessly for ease in changing compatibilities.

The Source Orb 3 kit comes with different types of dry herb atomizers and wax skillets to fit any vaping needs. There are concentrate skillets made with quartz rod heating elements and ceramic rod heating elements. The last skillet that works with concentrates and wax is the ceramic donut, an innovative skillet that can vape both oil and wax. All of these heating elements are made of excellent, quality materials that vape wax and oil out of existence.

All Source Orb 3 Vaporizer AtomizersSource Orb 3 Concentrate Atomizers:

  • Quartz Single Coil atomizer
  • Quartz Double Coil atomizer
  • Ceramic Double Coil atomizer
  • Wicked Double Coil atomizer


Dry herb atomizers are tweaked to be slightly different. One is advertised as a baker and one as an atomizer. The atomizer is open with a heating element separated from herbs by a mesh screen. The baker features a ventilated cover that helps to vape the terpenes in the herbs that burn at higher temperatures without actually burning the herbs. Source Orb is a true vaporizer that delivers integrity in their dry herb vaping, which is a seriously awesome feature at such an affordable price.

Source Orb 3 Dry Herb Coils:

  • Dry Herb Baker
  • Dry Herb Hitter atomizer
  • Ceramic Donut atomizer


Vapor Quality

The craftsmanship of the Source Orb 3 manufactures a level of vapor that is unmatched at this price point in any other vaporizer. As far as in the inside of the chamber goes, the concentrate skillets all disintegrate the product completely. This is a sign of a quality piece of machinery. The dry herb skillet does leave a little bit of ash but it doesn’t taste or smell burnt which is a major plus. Each and every chamber of the Source Orb 3 vape kit also creates a vapor that is superior. It always tastes just like the product that was loaded into it. Vapor output packs a wallop and is thick enough to do fun vapor tricks with 1 big pull.

Final Verdict

Anyone would appreciate this vaporizer. It is easy to use and capable with all types of products while it is also a great option for an advanced vaper that wants an all in one unit. The Source Orb 3 vape kit gets a 10 out of 10 on the vape scale; everyone will love it.