December 29th, 2016

Last updated on September 23rd, 2018 at 02:55 pm

The G Pro Vaporizer by Grenco Science came out about a year and half ago and was one of the best selling portable dry herb vaporizer. It was sold out every week and the orders kept coming. It has a temperature control setting button to change it from 320℉ to 380℉ to 420℉ and even a quick heat up time that was under 90 seconds to full temperature. A beautiful design that came in a glossy black and dull rubber combination which made it so much nicer.


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G Pro 2.0

Snoop Dogg G Pro 2.0So when we heard about the G Pro 2.0 we were really ecstatic. Another herbal vape that is upgraded from the one before? Sign me up!

Not so fast. King Pen Vapes has added a live chat option on our website which a lot of people are taking use of and we encourage you to do so. In a matter of a couple weeks, we had multiple requests for the Snoop Dogg 2.0 or the G Pro 2.0 and sometimes the G Pen 2.0. The only other Snoop Dogg herbal vaporizer does not even look like the G Pro. We even started getting emails asking for this along with emails to sell us these fake G Pro 2.0 in bulk. At first we were wondering why we hadn’t heard of the G Pro 2.0. We did some searching and realized, there is a new but fake G Pen that came out with a fake name. Yes everyone, the G Pro 2.0 is FAKE! 

This really made us confused. How were those few people aware of the Snoop Dogg G Pro 2.0 if its something pretty new and fake. It did not have an official launch or anything. We did some investigation and research on this and realized, this is predominantly a Brazilian idea. We believe the idea behind this is to have a vaporizer in Brazil because Brazil does not allow the importation of vaporizers. It is a restricted and prohibited item. We also have noticed where some of our chats and emails are coming from and some appear to be from Brazil.


Difference Between Snoop Dogg G Pen and the G Pro


The idea behind calling it a Snoop Dogg G Pro 2.0 is because the Titan vaporizer and the G Pro were very similar. Be careful with fake vapes out there. The Titan V2 came out but Grenco Science never created a second version. So people took the idea and theme of the Snoop Dogg one and implemented it on a Titan V2 look alike.