May 7th, 2015

Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 05:40 pm

One of the hardest addictions to beat is known to be nicotine.  Not only do you have to fight the physical and mental addiction of nicotine but this also drags you down with the habit formed over the many years of the nasty habit.  About half a million people die from cigarette-related illnesses. Nicotine can be very lethal at the wrong doses. Quitting smoking and nicotine all together can be a sure way you will be progressing in life with your health.  Quitting smoking all together will help you in many ways more than one. You will realize your mood changing, your body become healthier, your quality of daily activities will improve. With so much technology and resources out there, there is no reason to quit or at least try. There are many ways to supplement your quitting process. Try to write down why you don’t like smoking and you want to quit. Write down your goals like when you want to finally be nicotine free along with tracking how much money you are saving. This is a great way to keep you motivated and realize what a bad habit it has been. It will free up money for more hobbies or activities. Quitting cold turkey is not healthy nor has it proven to work so follow instructions from established organizations. With the help of so many outlets, there are now more smokers who quit than smokers today.

smoke freeSmoking Cessation Programs

With the rise of the internet and different organizations, you have so many options of choosing a program that fits you. There are websites like SmokeFree, 1-800-Quit-Now, and the CDC. These will all help you guide through the process and can introduce you to many others who have successfully quit to give you more motivation along with insight. One of the most popular programs is , which has a lot of information and articles along with smoking cessation products.

Smoking Cessation Products

There are many smoking cessation products out there but which one is right for you? Well there are different types like patches and gums. There are also nicotine decreasing tips where you put on your cigarettes filter to help filter out more nicotine. This can be purchased at a local smoke shop. I will break down the three main forms of smoking cessation products.

  1. Pills – Chantix is considered the best tablet/pill for quitting nicotine. It is doctor prescribed due to the strength of these medications. Your doctor who prescribes it will let you know more about. Be sure to ask him/her every question you have about it and let him know all of your past and present medical conditions.
  2. Patches – Nicoderm CQ is the patch that can be bought over-the-counter to be used as a smoking deterrent. When the patch is placed on a part of the body with minimal hair, it will provide low levels of nicotine to the body so you do not completely quit cold turkey. You should not be smoking while the patch is on. Do not wear more than one patch.
  3. Gum or lozenges – Nicorette is a gum or lozenges that contain nicotine. Like Nicoderm CQ, you do not use nicotine products while taking Nicorette. It is also not recommended to use Nicorette for longer than 12 weeks.

Lower your Nicotine Intake

This is one of the most proven techniques to help quit nicotine usage and cigarette smoking. Since cold turkey has the highest rate of relapse its best to ease off. For example, if you smoke a pack a day, smoke one less cigarette every day for the first week, then one more less the next week, and so on.  You may look at this as a long process but nothing good comes overnight. Everything good comes from hard work and patience. You will notice how much of a long way you have come and how easy the process was. You do not need to run a sprint, but pace the marathon.

components in CigarettesHold You Accountable

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t fail is to have someone hold you accountable. When you are held accountable you do not seem to fail as much. This is probably because you do not want someone seeing you fail. They can also be of good support and help. Quitting is very hard so venting or talking to someone about it can be good through the journey. It will help take your mind off the cravings along with making yourself feel better. At the end of the day, you will have a much easier time quitting if you are happy with no weight on your shoulder. Stress only makes you want to smoke more. Also write down what cravings make you want a cigarette. For the first few months try to lower your intake on those also to help you get your mind off smoking. During when you would normally take smoke breaks, keep yourself busy for the next five minutes doing something else. The longer you go without it the better you will be.

Try an Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer

The last one is to try an electronic cigarette. Not everyone has luck with them but with the right tools and information you can. When starting out, get a starter kit e-cig to get the hang of things. When you want to upgrade your vaporizer, you can start looking at the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 or the Kamry K100 Mechanical Mod. They are all unique in their own ways with one being a variable voltage to change the volt of the battery to the atomizer. For an atomizer to give a clean and smooth tasting vapor taste, go with the Aspire Nautilus Tank.

The e-Cig juices are what contain nicotine but they can be the make or break of your entering the vaping world and breaking free from your habit of smoking cigarettes. The size of each bottle can vary from 5mL to 120mL and more! Nicotine strengths can also vary from 0mg of nicotine to 48mg, however it is not recommended to vape anything more than 24-36mg. If you are a pack a day smoker, you should start with 12-18mg nicotine strength. Also the harsher your cigarette the more you would want your strength to be. As far as flavors go, start off with a few like dessert, fruit, classic, and minty taste. You want to experience the different taste and feels of them before putting it down for good.

Quit Nicotine & Smoking Cigarettes

This is King Pen Vapes list of 5 ways to quit nicotine products and smoking cigarettes. These are methods that have been proven to be successful by either successful individuals who have shared their successful stories or by organizations who wake up every day helping these individuals who have a hard time of breaking the habit. Just remember fight the urge not to have at least one cigarette a day and your journey will start before you know it.

*Always remember to consult with your doctor.