August 3rd, 2015

Over the past couple of years there have been about dozens of reports of eCigarettes bursting into flames from the charging point. Since these vaporizers are supposed to be a safe alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, this news was a bit more than disheartening. But never fear, we’ve compiled this list to help you avoid a shower of fire while you try to vaporize your eCig.

Vented Ecig BatteryOnly Use the Provided Charger

Many cases reported of eCigs exploding are from being charged with a charger that it isn’t truly compatible with. The main report of an eCigarette exploding was in London when a woman was charging her unit with an iPad charger. As soon as she took it off of the charger and hit the vape it combusted completely and lit her dress on fire. The fire took Heathrow Fire Department 40 minutes to control.

The issue is that the lithium ion battery of eCigarettes does not operate at the voltage as an iPad or phone so the charger pushes more power into the piece than it can hold. Keeping your eCigarette charging solely on the charger it came with is the best way to keep your eCig from acting like a roman candle.

Avoid Charging in the Computer or Car

The other instances of eCigarettes expelling open flames occurred while vapers were charging their pieces in their computer’s USB port or on their car charger. Making sure to plug your eCigarette into your provided charger into the wall socket is the best way to avoid a complete out pour of flames. A vape enthusiast in Colorado had his vaporizer on a car charger when he noticed it was leaking a mysterious fluid, after checking it out it shot out flames like a roman candle onto his lap while driving. Another extremely scary and dangerous situation entails a mother charging her battery in the car, it shot flaming sparks onto her child harnessed into a carseat. Other vapers have had issue when the unit is plugged directly into their computer, in some horror stories flames have shot across living rooms; which poses serious risks for house fire.

Make Sure There are Holes in the Battery CasingVented Ecig Battery Safety Guide

When the battery gets hot, it needs to breathe and cool down. If the proper venting procedures aren’t put in place then then the battery can overheat quickly causing it to blow up. If the battery vents several things can happen like the battery looking puffy and beat up. It can also smell funny and show rust at one of the ends. Venting makes sure if it does get too hot the battery just lets gases out safely instead of blowing up on you.

Using Good Brand Batteries

Using god batteries definitely matters because you want to make sure it is authentic. There are three different types of batteries which are IC, IMR, and hybrids. IMR batteries are usually safer than ICR which is why ICR type batteries come with protection circuit boards. The hybrid will be the safest along with IMR batteries, but some vaporizers instruct to use ICR like the Provari.


Making sure to never charge your device on a laptop or in a car charger can help to ensure you don’t have an issue with spontaneous combustion. It seems that the lithium ion battery works best in a wall unit utilizing only the charger provided at point of purchase of battery. Branching out in what you charge your eCigarette with is where the problems with explosion arise. If you want to make sure not to burn your car passengers or risk your house burning down while you’re away; only charge in a wall socket.

So, it seems that the main issue when they blow up has nothing to do with hitting the piece. Unfortunately if you misuse of the charger it can burst into flames while you are using it. It is best to stick to the provided charger and make sure to charge before leaving the house.