September 17th, 2017

Last updated on September 23rd, 2017 at 09:16 am

The PAX 2 Vaporizer will surely fill up your list of choices for your next herbal vaporizer purchase. Why? Well, my personal experience while using this latest version of the original PAX vaporizer will give you a clear idea whether it’s worth a try or not.

mouthpiece oven chamber for pax 2


If you will compare PAX 2 to the original PAX, it’s a bit smaller and lighter with a better battery life. This is one of the reasons why PAX 2 Vaporizer became popular among vapers who are on the lookout for the most portable vaping kit because it sums it all with the improved appearance, weight and built of PAX 2.


The approximate weight of PAX 2 Vaporizer is 90.2g while its dimensions are 3.87 inches x 1.21 inches x.08 inches. It’s a refined version of the original PAX due to its actual size and weight, making it one of the most portable vape.


The battery performance of this herbal vaporizer is far better than the original version because it can last longer and has a fast track charging cycle via the improved cradle.


Among the impressive changes done on this latest version of Pax is the smooth feel finish of the mouthpiece of Pax 2 unlike the original where you need to add lubricating drops to ensure it glides easily on the user’s mouth. Aside from that, I noticed the mouthpiece is a bit raised, plus it has a lip sensor where it can detect if the user is drawing and automatically adjust the heat temperature to prevent accidental burns.

Vapor Quality

This is one of the features that I like while using the Pax 2, it produces impressive cloudage, meaning it doesn’t skimp on vapor production. Users can enjoy enormous vapor even with its slim built.

Heating Chamber and Bowl

One of the nicest features I discovered while using PAX 2 is the stainless steel heating chamber, made a lot smaller than the original. For maximum vaping experience, be sure not to overload it with your favorite herbs and follow the operation setting to reach your desired heat setting.


The PAX 2 vaporizer comes with an additional raised mouthpiece. I do prefer the latest flush design mouthpiece because you get to enjoy your vaping without fear of getting it too warm on your lips. You will also find a bottle of ISO and pipe cleaners that can be used when cleaning the vapor path.

Warranty Coverage

This is indeed true value for money if you will take into consideration the warranty coverage applied for PAX 2 because it comes with a 10 year warranty.

Temperature Control Setting

I did find the PAX 2 temperature control setting to be user-friendly because you can choose from the available four (4) temperatures your preferred heating setting. I’m sure every user will find the ideal temperature setting from 360 degrees Fahrenheit to 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

Operational setting

pax 2 vaporizer apartSimilar to other portable vaporizers I’ve tried using PAX 2 vaporizer for the first time may require some time to learn its operational setting. You need to open the magnetic lid at the bottom of the device and load it with your herbs. After loading, you simply replace the magnetic lid and flip it over. If you have used the original version PAX, you cut back the learning curve on how to use the PAX 2 because they have similarities.

To heat up the vaporizer, you need to click the top center of the mouthpiece and you will find the LED’s to glow purple. Heating this vaporizer may only require a minute and a half and you are set for your first hit.

If you want to change the temperature setting, you just hold the same button where you activated it and the LED display will change its color depending on your chosen heat setting.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the PAX 2 Vaporizer isn’t as complicated as with the original version and other portable herb vaporizers where you are required to clean it often after usage. The PAX 2 lessened the cleaning time due to the changes done on the mouthpiece. With PAX 2 the temperature button was placed under the mouthpiece. In fact, you can clean it in a span of three (3) seconds.

Overall impression

The PAX 2 Vaporizer is indeed an improved version of the original PAX, much lighter and easier to use and maintain. I do agree it has the features that anyone looking for a long-term vaping companion should have because it’s covered with a 10 year warranty, durable and portable. If you are still undecided what type of portable vaporizer to buy, take time reading this product description and learn more about PAX 2 Vaporizer.