January 12th, 2017

One of the biggest conundrums that is associated with dry herb vaping are the questions that surround perfecting the correct form for packing your vaporizer chamber. True enough, this is a process that can verge on the rim of a scientific formula and it does often leave vaping enthusiasts in a quandary. With a hit and miss average that rates between what they score as a good vape session and a bad experience, most serious enthusiast are looking for all the earnest advice that they can collect.

Perfect Techniques

aGo G5 Ceramic Dry Herb ChamberBelieve it or not, the perfect technique for packing the bowl on your herbal vape pen still references back to a lot of the old-school techniques. The coarseness of the grind and the tension of the pack are still contributing factors to the effectiveness of the vaping experience. Therein, is the same principle that surrounds the whole concept of whether the bowl is packed too tight or too loose. Any avid herbal vaper, whether they are from the old-school days or newly into the scene as a vaping advocate can attest to the fact that the pack is just as important as the product itself. A bowl that is packed to tightly will restrict airflow and one that is packed too loose will burn away much too fast and waste your product.

Even in the days of combustion, it was widely understood that there was a precarious balance in the packing technique required to achieve the perfect burn and get to that absolutely coveted blissful sweet spot of satisfaction. We established that the coarseness of the grain is every bit as important as the way you pack of the bowl itself.

Grinding your Herbs

The grind of your dry herbs that you use can be too fine just as easily as it can be too coarse. Herb that is too finely ground becomes dusty and doesn’t hold up under the heated conditions with sustenance. The dust will burn way too fast because it is too fine to even get a good tension on the pack. On the other hand, the herb doesn’t need to be chunky or clumpy either because then it will not pack firmly, nor will it burn evenly throughout the chamber. These are the factors that have transitioned even with the switch from conduction to convection. These rules of bowl packing science still apply, even though the days of lighter striking, flame burning, smoke production are on the close verge of becoming obsolete.

Establishing this, we find the need for further enlightenment into what really defines the perfect bowl pack for our dry herb vaporizing chamber. The dry herb products are expensive true enough, but beyond that obvious fact is the question of who really has the time to sit around and waste on ineffective failed vaping session these days? Modern day life is fast paced, time is scarce, and budgets are tight. Here is the last reference that you or your fiends will need to resource in your endeavor to pack the perfectly balanced bowl for flawless dry herb vaping.

1). Moisture levels

Unlike the traditional preference that accompanied smoking from a bowl by means of combustion, the ideal herb that is used to pack a vaporizer bowl is drier than what was normally accepted as conventional rule during the combustion period. With vaporizing, there is a more restricted airflow event through the enclosed herb heating chamber. With the contribution of any excessive moisture in the product then it will affect the vapor production, cloud density, and potency as an accumulative effect. The resulting event that follows is that there will be a self-packing effect of the product within the oven compartment itself. This will compromise the airflow even further of an already airflow restricted device. That fact will run you the risk of requiring more heat which could lead to the decimation of your products flavor quality.

The more direct heat that is applied during your vaping session, raises the risk of burning the product rather than producing the desired cloud of vapor Inside Atmos Jump Dry Herb Vaporizer Chambersteam. There is also the added risk of contributing even more restrictions upon the air flow pass as the accumulated moisture builds within your device gathering in the product, the filters, and logging the available space of the air flow channels.

2). Choosing the grain of your grind

The coarseness of the ground grain that you pack your chamber with will affect the way that your product packs, burns, and produces the vapor clouds that you will expel. If the herb is not ground into a fine mix, then it will not burn evenly throughout the expanse of your oven chamber. That factor will affect the production of the vapor that your unit produces. If the herb is ground too finely then it will be more prone to pack too tightly. An oven that is packed too tightly will once again be that dreaded air flow restriction and that will inhibit the effective consumption of your product as well as cost the expense of reaching your aspired level of gratification.

3). Applying the correct pressure

The last actual step of the vape bowl packing formula is the actual act of tamping the herb down into your bowl. That is self-explanatory considering the term ‘packing’ your bowl. The trick to this step is once again targeted balance. There must be a certain amount of resistance in the airflow for the drawn in air to heat appropriately so that it accumulates enough of the vapor production to sustain the process of the air passage, the force of the draw, and the diminishing absorption of inhalation. That makes it necessary for you to pack the ground herb into your bowl rather firmly but not tight. This will also aide the process of even burn ratio across the bowl and slow down the effects of burning up the product to rapidly.

4). Maintenance

Well that about sums up the actual process of perfectly packing your oven for gaining the benefit from attaining the optimal level of perfection through your vaping journey. The last strong point to be considered here is the maintenance of the device. It is always best to keep your unit thoroughly clean per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Keeping the oven and the rest of the unit clean will aide in the prevention of transfer flavors from one brand of product to the next. This will also circumvent the accumulation of residual oils from building up. This could cause the unit to strenuously overheat as the reins themselves will collect the heat rather than reflect it. This also will cause the unit to pull too much power and reduce the power that your heating unit draws. This not only affects the quality of your dry herb vaping, it comes with the serious threat of igniting the battery or the device from the heat of accumulation as the oils and the battery heat up unnaturally.