December 17th, 2014

Last updated on May 2nd, 2018 at 07:15 pm

What is an electronic cigaretteHow bad is vaping exactly? Recently more news is coming out about the unstudied finding of the “risk” of ecigs, which is causing vaporizers to get more restrictive. Mayors of cities are either banning them indoors or flat out throughout the city. Won’t it make more sense for the government to fund or even create a little fundraiser for the study of electronic cigarettes? Not only are you setting an example, helping out your citizens that you are supposed to look after, and still making more money from taxes in the long run.
Recently, news came out saying more teens are smoking less but using vapes more *. This reflects the general smokers too. First of all, people don’t want others smoking but they complain when there is less and less smokers? Second of all, whose fault is that? Morals, ethics, and success usually start from the top for the most part. If your teen is using something you don’t want them too, YOU should talk to them about it or wonder where things started getting shaky and going off track. If your kid or significant other is 18+, talk to them and work it out like adults because 18 and over is an adult.

At the end of the day, you know the risks associated with smoking, inhaling toxins from fire at a campsite, or even being around pollution. It’s around us all day whether we like it or not. Here in Los Angeles, sometimes the pollution can get bad. In China, there are cities with citizens declining in health everyday due to the environment conditions yet it’s still going on. So to ban or put an end to something that’s helping with the cessation of smoking is not exactly logical. So who is exactly the main group behind the e-cig ban? The government? The big tobacco corporations? The citizens who oppose or don’t understand it? Whoever it is, we recommend you look into this deeper for what it does to help you get rid of an extremely bad habit.

Are electronic cigarettes really that much worse than methadone? One is used to help with the addiction to heroin and one is used to help ease off of tobacco/cigarettes, yet methadone is still addictive, legal and is just another alternative to another substance. Haven’t you heard don’t switch one addiction for another? Well electronic cigarettes haven’t even been considered addicting. Smokers don’t just put down a cigarette right away and get hooked onto PV (personal vaporizers). They ease off tobacco and switch off with a vaporizer of their desired nicotine level in the juice or eliquid. When they feel like they are needing it less and less they just decrease the nicotine level until they are at 0mg.


*We do NOT condone under age use of ANY kind.