January 29th, 2015

Last updated on May 11th, 2018 at 12:51 pm

If you’re like hundreds of thousands of people across the United States and around the world who want to make the change from traditional cigarette smoking to vaping, then you’re in the right spot. There are several things to consider before you begin your journey down this life changing transformation. To help you out, we’ve listed a brief “check-list” if you will, of the things you have to have to be successful with your transformation from a smoker to quitting and starting to vape.

Choose the Right Vaping Products

Obviously, you have to like what you are vaping out of in order to be successful with your process to quit cigarettes. The best way to start is by purchasing a beginner vape kit to get started. You can start with the eGo-T 1100mAh starter kit and flavored liquid that works with the kit, if yoWhite eGo-T 1100mAhu like. However, there are plenty of starter kits that are priced well below $100 and many others go above and beyond the $50 mark.

Buy the Right e-Liquid or e-Juice

If you’re crossing over from cigarettes you’re going to need something with strong enough nicotine levels to satisfy your cravings. It is important to look at your product labels to ensure that what you’re buying contains what you need. We offer nicotine strengths from 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. We recommend you start off with 6mg if you are trying to quit cigarettes and see where that falls for you. Some people stay at 6mg until they drop down to 0mg and some smokers start at 12mg or even 18mg.

Expand Your Horizons with different Flavors

Charlies Chalk Dust Wonder WormThere are countless types, flavors, and brands of e-liquid for you to choose from, so don’t limit yourself. Half the fun of vaping is picking out your own personal flavor. You can start by doing research on what is available on the market and then narrow down what e-liquids work with your vaporizer. E-liquids vary from Dream Cream e-Liquid, Honey Badger e-Liquid, or Mustache Milk e-Juice, with many more flavors available like Slam Berry and True Berry Sugar and Knife from Charlies Chalk Dust.

Set a Date!

Once you have everything you need to cleanse your lungs and change from smoking to vaping, it’s time to set a date and stick with it. Don’t give up before you get started, instead pick a time on the calendar where it will be conducive for you to start vaping and stick with it. You may need to smoke while you vape, but don’t worry about that too much. Over time you’ll get used to vaping and eventually even prefer it to traditional cigarettes.

Keep Tabs on How Much Money You Are Saving

One of the biggest motivators for smokers is seeing how much money they save vaping. Cigarettes are extremely expensive, and with additional taxes stacked on top of them they become nearly unaffordable. Fortunately, vaping is far less expensive and will keep your money where it belongs: in your bank account.

Reach Out For Support When Necessary

Remember that you are not Superman, and you may at times need external support to keep yourself motivated. This can easily be achieved by focusing your energy on how others have succeeded by going down the same path you are now on. There are so many vaping communities available online for you to join that it would be a waste not to do so. The people who make up these forums will encourage you to stay strong and press on.


Many people start and realize that in the beginning vapes just are not working. If they did not work, you would not see so many success stories and testimonials. People have been trying it for months and months. You need to realize it’s a process that will happen slowly if you stayed focused.

With an estimated number of 443,000 people dying every year from cigarettes alone in the United States, it has been said that its the leading most causing of diseases. It is also considered one of the most preventable. Follow these tips to make sure you quit smoking cigarettes and start vaping for your new years resolution!