January 12th, 2017

Last updated on September 12th, 2017 at 06:34 pm

Do you believe that it is possible to derive the same amount of gratified pleasure from merely possessing a FOB entry device that replicates that same prestigious look associated with a Bentley or a Mini Cooper? Under normal circumstances, such a question wouldn’t even be asked nor even entertained as realistic. This is no normal circumstance, the FOB Dry Herb Vaporizer from Vaped is not anything like you would even consider to be normal; not on any level of your perception. That statement is not intended to throw any shade on this product, it is the beginning statement of a whole lot of praise for this innovative device that is considered the most discreet vaporizer.

Side Vaped FOB Dry Herb VaporizerDesign and Discreetness

This is a design that is meant to replicate and innovate. The full reality surrounding the FOB is that this device is NOT related to the ownership of the aforementioned autos or any other version of an automobile. What you will have by owning a FOB Vaporizer is a device that will deliver you into a prestigious renowned circle of vapers. You know, those trend setters. The ones that are always on top of the latest and greatest technology, devices, and designs. They are the envied people that seem to enjoy every facet of the elevated status that they possess. They are ethereal in their ability to vape in their own version of an illustrious state. Here is your escape to become one of those people. Here is your opportunity to become one of the vaping enthusiasts that employ the use of their FOB. Anyone can attain the freedom that the unenlightened other vaping community members just don’t get to experience. This grade of discrepancy is only derived from the stealthy designation that the FOB remits. This device delivers discerning vape enthusiasts into the liberation of the ultimate on the go vaping so that they truly can enjoy the freedom of choosing instantaneous gratification in practically any situation. In deference to the widespread familiarity of the design of this unit there is also widespread quiet acceptance that merits little to no question about the purpose of this device at all. When there are, no questions asked, there is no longer the stress of creating the excuses you will be required to make. That sets the precedence for a whole new enlightened brand of freedom for discreet dry herb vaping with a guaranteed upgrade. On the go vaping is enjoyed by most those that have chosen to indulge in this pastime and the herbal vaping community definitely have a new one.

This FOB is uniquely special on every level. Upon introduction, it invokes “candy-kissed” dreams. Normal observation doesn’t invoke questions concerning this device’s authenticity unless you are in the know about its specific origins. To the untrained eye, it is exactly what it appears to be, but for the consummate vaper that is looking for an escape with discretion, this is the answer to your dilemma.

Temperature Heat Control Setting

The unit is manufactured to bring you multiple sessions of great tasting vaping sessions that are trademarked with enormous clouds of densely filled aromatic flavor. The design requires very little maintenance, nor is there any extreme levels of sessional preparation rituals involved. It is equipped with six optimal temperature heat settings that are designed to deliver the ultimate precision dry herb vapor production in conjunction with effective products consumption. This device is multi-functional in its ability to produce and preserve all-in-one with extreme efficient operation. The following are the temperature setting with color coordination:.

  • 360°F – Turquoise
  • 380°F – Blue
  • 390°F – Green
  • 400°F – Purple
  • 410°F – Yellow
  • 420°F – Red

Vapor Quality

You are given the option of a stainless steel or a silicone rubber mouthpiece. The silicone is heat resistant and the steel is bacterial resistant. The greatest Vaped FOB Vaporizer Kitquality is that neither of these materials are directly associated with retaining any funky flavors that may build up in alternate versions of lesser quality. These materials are appreciated for their durability to withstand the test of travels. They do not require any special care methods or scientific techniques to remain in a desirably functional capacity.

The design of the unit is a direct draw air flow passage. That ensures that you will get less resistance from one drag to the next. The FOB is a splendid device. It is a simple in its design, but equipped with an innovate edge that got that simplicity of the small scale to the full throttle vaporizing enigma that it is.

Measuring only 8 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches, this unit is a small scaled module by the birth of its initial design. Conformed to easily fit your grasp, it also fits comfortably into any purse, dash board, console, door panel, and almost any pocket that is commonly fashionable in society today. The FOB discreetly nestles away without the tell-to-tell signs of a cargo bulge that has commonly been a noted complaint accompanying transportable vaporizing units in the past. You will be complimented with the luxuriant advantage of carry comfort with this device. The total weight is only 32ounces. In comparisons, that is less weight than most of our smart phones that we are so proudly fond of weigh.

Beyond these obvious advantages that we have pointed out, there are still more outstanding features that the FOB possesses. For one, there is the easy transition capacity of this device. It is as ideal and effectively productive for the consumption of recreational dry herb use as it is for delivering a medically prescribed engagement. This unit is a total package delivery system for dry herb vaping. From the technology that the design incorporates to the mechanics that provide the features of defining it as an asset for today’s vaping enthusiast.

The FOB brings up the whole spectrum of on the go vaping as a doable concept with a new standard set in conservatism. Not only is this an advantage for the dry herb vaping enthusiast, it is a tribute to a new brand of widespread acceptance and exposed fun that employs every level of incognito vaping.

Most Discreet Vaporizer:

Don’t get us wrong, the Vapor Cup and the PuffIt X are just as discreet but this might have taken the trophy home. Even with the ability to put it on your keychain and have it blend in with just about anything else.