March 13th, 2015

Last updated on May 1st, 2018 at 09:55 pm

One common complaint made about E-Cigs is that they’re far too complicated for the average person but in actuality, they’re no more complicated than the latest iPhone or any other gadget designed to improve the quality of life. Like those gizmos, the E-Cig is quickly beginning to take on a role in everyday life for hundreds of thousands of people. At first, a lot of things seem overly complicated but within no time, people familiarize themselves with their functions to the point where a new iPhone can be activated intuitively by anyone mildly acquainted with the hardware. It’s important to know that all electronic cigarettes are composed of three basic parts no matter which particular brand a person chooses to purchase. There is the battery, the atomizer or clearomizer, and the E-Liquid in Electronic Cigarettes

eGo-T 1100mAh Battery

Batteries on Electronic Cigarettes

The batteries used in nearly all E-Cigs are lithium-ion batteries and are similar to the ones used in almost all mobile devices. This means that more often than not the batteries in electronic cigarettes are going to be rechargeable although some batteries are going to have longer lives than others. The battery in an electronic cigarette is often one of the most researched components when someone is trying to decide what E-Cig to purchase. The battery supplies power to the atomizer.

Atomizers on Electronic Cigarettes

The atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that contains a heating element which heats the liquid in order to convert it into vapor. The atomizer is activated whenever the user pushes the button on the E-Cig. This button usually not only activates the heating element but also the electronic cigarette’s pump so when it is pushed so it pumps the E-Liquid through the heating element creating the vapor to be inhaled.

The e-Liquid is stored before it is pumped through the atomizer and converted into vapor. It is commonly connected to the atomizer and sometimes contains an absorbent material often referred to as filler. The cartridge is also the part of the electronic cigarette where the mouthpiece is located. Sometimes, an atomizer and cartridge are combined into a cheap, disposable single unit called a clearomizer. Clearomizers have become quite popular among those in the vaping community due to their ability to hold large amounts of E-Liquid.

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E-Liquid in Electronic Cigarettes

E-Liquids are composed of various ingredients which all have been FDA-approved. Most E-Liquids are either composed of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin as well as several other ingredients normally found in things like candy and toothpaste as well as the nicotine. Most users like to combine the liquids made up primarily of propylene glycol, commonly abbreviated to PG, with that made up mostly of vegetable glycerin, frequently abbreviated as VG, in order to find the consistency that best fits their personal preference. The nicotine in E-Liquid is extracted by two different methods: distillation and filtration. Some people believe that the E-Liquid derived from filtration is more pure due to its more transparent nature but in actuality, its transparent nature is a product of a bleaching process making distillation the preferred method of extracting nicotine for E-Liquid.