June 11th, 2015

Last updated on August 14th, 2017 at 05:03 pm

Medical marijuana patients have all sorts of conditions that limit them from smoking whether it’s through a pipe or a joint. This can be either from arthritis, weakened lungs, or simply wanting to go the green (no pun intended) road to be healthier. After all, if you’re a medical marijuana patient you want to heal yourself and make yourself better. Although there have not been long term studies done on vaporizers, the short term results are looking fantastic. Many people have realized it has helped with their coughing and irritating throat.

Vaporizers are a butane, battery, or electrical device used to heat dry herbs and concentrates to a certain temperature to inhale the vapors of the herb. The vapors are what contain the main active ingredients rather than smoking or combusting the herbs and inhaling the toxic chemicals too. Vaporizers usually come with a temperature control setting that varies in the range of degrees. Medical marijuana generally starts to vaporize at 356°F to 400°F.

Vaporizer Temperature Chart

Healthier for the lungs

It is almost a no brainer as which is healthier, vapor or smoke. Smoke is much thicker in color and denser in texture due to its chemical toxins it carries with it. Vapor is really thin and see through due to its content. It contains only the active ingredients from the herbs that are meant to be inhaled. Medical marijuana patients going through lung cancer or other disease regarding the lungs will enjoy their vaporizer. They will notice how smooth it is compared to harsh smoke and will notice the side effects decrease.

Portable Aspect

You are not always home when your pain starts to kick in, this is why the vaporizer can and should go with you. Always be safe with what you do and be aware of your surroundings.  Some are incredibly easy as you let you portable dry herb vaporizer heat up while you pack your ground herbs into the herbal chamber.

Less Side Effects

When you smoke cannabis or even tend to eat it, you can get a much higher climax. The more you feel the effects the more you will drowsy afterwards but vaporizers help with side effects as they tend to ease it. It gives you a clear head and doesn’t leave it cloudy. It can also be because you take smaller doses rather than smoking a joint where you will be smoking much more.

Saves a lot of money

Whether it’s a weed vaporizer or a herbal desktop vaporizer, vaporizers will save a medical cannabis patient a lot of money. Not only by the marijuana vaporizer itself but the amount of herbs you burn up. A pipe can burn up 0.3 grams of medical marijuana in seconds while it may take inhaling through a vaporizer about an hour to vaporize 0.3 grams, depending on your tolerance. Some feel effects within the first one or two draws which is very quick in comparison to smoking.

Some also argue that a vaporizer is more expensive than the traditional method of smoking. First off, a water pipe can extend upwards of $500+ not to mention how easy they are to break. Second of all, it takes a lot of time as you do not need to fill it up with water and get ready. A vaporizer can be heated up while you are grinding up the herbs.

Triple use vaporizers

Triple use vaporizers make it easier for medical marijuana patients simply because you do not need to carry all your medical marijuana accessories with you. Triple use vaporizers can vaporize dry herbs, concentrates and liquids all with the same vape. So if you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes too this will definitely come in handy or if you are using CBD oils along with your dry herbs, you can just switch the herbal heating chamber for a liquid tank and continue with the liquid CBD oil tank without getting up from your chair.

Ago G5 3 in 1 Triple Use Vaporizer Pen Kit

Faster effects compared to edibles

Some medical marijuana patients just simply cannot smoke marijuana so their alternative is edibles. Edibles, or medibles are medical marijuana infused into foods like strawberry shortcakes, mints, chocolates truffles, hot wings, pizza, and much more. Because THC is absorbed through the lungs faster than the stomach the onset off of edibles can take longer to obtain and rid the pain quicker. This is why medical marijuana patients love vaporizers much more. Within five minutes of taking your vaporizer out, you can be feeling a faster relief than any other traditional way.

At the end of the day it will vary from person to person. Some people will like to smoke, some will like edibles, and others will switch to vaporizers when they realize the benefits it helps with. However, vaporizers are the future as consumers are becoming more health conscious and self-aware. Medical marijuana patients should know what they are ingesting or inhaling and vaporizers are easily one of the best ways to go about it. Please understand that any herbs or devices like vaporizers are a means of alternatives to smoking rather than diagnosing or curing any disease, illness, or ailment.