March 29th, 2015

Last updated on March 10th, 2016 at 10:02 pm

When vapers talk about e-Cigs, there’s always so much focus on the components like the atomizer that a lot of people forget about the battery almost entirely. The long lasting e-Cig battery is the sole source of life for a unit yet most people neglect this very important component. Many devices come with extra batteries but once those run out, it can become a costly expense in some cases. This is especially true if you’re not aware of some of the things that can be done to keep a battery kicking. If you’re interested in keeping your battery life at its peak performance, there’s a couple of things that should be adhered to quite rigorously.

Long Lasting e-Cig Battery

In terms of upkeep, a unit should be taken apart every week and cleaned with a cloth or a q-tip. Some devices can gather quite a bit of grit so some sort of a brush might want to be used for thorough cleaning. Besides dirt, the E-Liquid in a device can leak through a unit causing a bit of a mess. That’s why regular upkeep should be administered. Even if a device looks fine on the exterior, that doesn’t mean a storm isn’t brewing inside so it’s best to take a look every so often to make sure everything is looking kosher.

eGo-T 1100mAh Battery

Don’t Charge your Battery Past 100%

One thing that can quickly ruin a long lasting e-Cig battery is to let the battery die completely. That’s why it’s best to always keep your e-Cig charged. Try to never use an E-Cig that has less than thirty percent energy in its battery as it can cause quite a strain on it. As easy as it is to let it happen, it’s advised to not let a battery charge all night after it’s already charged to a hundred percent. There’s no use in doing this and it can cause actual strain on the battery. Since no battery can be charged a hundred and ten percent, it should be removed from the charger as soon as it is charged completely.

Do Not Leave your Battery in the Heat

Nothing can ruin a long lasting e-Cig battery faster than harsh temperatures so it’s important to try to keep your unit at room temperature as much as possible. A freezing temperature can ruin the battery just as quickly as leaving a unit in the passenger seat on a hot summer day. If you’re really interested in keeping your unit and battery running at its highest level, then it is strongly advised to invest in a carrying case. A lot of people carry their E-Cig in their pockets or around their neck, but this exposes the device to harmful elements that can quickly decrease its lifespan.

Don’t Leave Clearomizer on the Battery

Another helpful tip to keep a unit and long lasting e-Cig battery at its optimal level is to unscrew the cartomizer when you are not using it. The cartomizer is a cartridge with an atomizer built into it. The long lasting e-Cig battery supplies energy to the atomizer which heats the liquids converting them into vapor so unscrewing the battery is similar in theory to unplugging an air conditioner when it is not being used. It might not save the battery a lot of power but it can help by not putting additional strain on it.