March 12th, 2015

Last updated on May 1st, 2018 at 10:10 pm

If you haven’t noticed a plethora of e-Cig stores popping up around you, then you’re probably not that observant. Just kidding! It’s a booming business and everybody is trying to get on the bandwagon. Some bars and other similar establishments that don’t normally allow smoking are even allowing e-Cigs on premises so that just means that not only are e-Cigs socially acceptable but that they’re more socially acceptable than cigarettes.

What are Electronic Cigarettes?


If you’re not that familiar with e-Cigs (which is short for electronic cigarettes) but considering one, you might want to look into purchasing an e-Cig Starter Kit. Nearly every starter kit will come with the necessary hardware to start vaping. Don’t let words like clearomizer scare you. It’s just a fancy word for the tube in which you pour the E-Liquid. You’ll also hear words like cartomizer and atomizer. An atomizer is the heating element responsible for turning the liquid into vapor to be inhaled and cartomizers are disposable cartridges which gives the user a new atomizer each time. Don’t let the terminology frighten you as most of it is rather simple to understand once you decide if vaping is actually for you.

One of the major reasons to consider switching to e-Cigs from cigarettes is because they’re a great way to wean yourself off of nicotine if you’re trying to quit. They’re not nearly as bad for the people around you, and they’re generally cleaner. E-Liquids have varying levels of nicotine in them so if you’re attempting to quit, you can gradually lower your nicotine doses with each new E-Liquid you buy until you’re barely inhaling any nicotine at all.

Flavors and Doses

So after you’ve decided that you want to try an e-Cig, the next part is going to be choosing an E-Liquid and this can be a lot of fun because there are so many different flavors to try. It’s important to try several different flavors and decide which one is for you. If you’re having a hard time quitting cigarettes, you might want to choose something that tastes a little more like tobacco. You might just want something that tastes good to you.

So, you’ve found the right flavor but now you have to decide what strength E-Liquid you’re going to need. Generally, if you’re used to smoking a Marlboro lights or similar, you’re going to need 6-12% E-Liquid while a Marlboro red will be 12-18%. Now that you know how strong you need it, its times to figure out how much to vape in a day. You do not want to vape too much as you can get nicotine poisoning. You can start to feel nauseous, headaches, dizzy or lightheadedness. Try not to exceed a clearomizer and a half a day. This is 2.4mL of e-liquid.

Customizing and Upgrading

Once you’ve found the right E-Liquid and a reliable starter kit, you’re probably going to want to branch out a little more and begin customizing your e-Cig to fit your specific needs. That’s part of the fun of e-Cigs. They’re so customizable that they can become extensions of your personality. They can be great conversation pieces at social gatherings when there’s not much else to talk about and people often bond while talking about their experiences with their e-Cigs and what kind of E-Liquids they like to use.

You can even upgrade by going onto advanced personal vaporizers or mechanical mods. These use cylindrical, bigger, and longer lasting batteries. You can change the voltage and wattage of the vaporizer to create more or less vapor. People tend to make the outside vaporizers from brass, copper, and even wooden boxes.