January 6th, 2015

Last updated on September 10th, 2017 at 10:37 pm

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The Kamry K100 Mechanical Mod Kit has been called one of the most respected and widely known vaporizer that gives novice and veteran vapers alike a high tech and technical feel of a vape. Nowadays, there are so many vaporizers and electronic cigarettes out on the market, it makes it nearly impossible to choose the right one. With durability, nice sleek design, and power, you are getting everything you need plus more.

The Kit includes:

Kamry K100 Mod

18350 ICR battery

18650 ICR battery

Battery charger

Stainless steel cartomizer

Decorative shield

Polished drip tip

Blue Kamry K100 ModAnything a vaper would want is pretty much jam packed into the mech mod kit. Unlike other vapes, this mechanical mod makes it easy to vape on the go without much struggle. Theres an anti spill proof guard built in so no worries or wasted juice or leaks. With many complaints of flexibility, kamry has heard this and taken it into effect with the k100. It is a telescopic mod meaning it can shorten and get longer like a telescope. It also comes equipped with two different batteries, 18350 ICR battery and 18650 ICR battery.  This gives usability a better experience as you have more options.

With custom vaporizer becoming more popular, its a no-brainer as to why the k100 comes in a few different color. With black, blue, silver, pink, marble, and marble blue being only some of them, the colors dont stop. This specific mod is also a dripper so it doesnt consist of a tank or chamber to pour your e-liquid in. You just drip straight onto the cotton and wait for it to soak in which takes a few minutes. If you prefer having a 510 attachment tank, we recommend the Aspire Natilus X.

General Specs

Stainless steel body

1” 510 Chrome Drip Tip

Protection Tip

Cartomizer shield

Lockable Fire Button

With the on and off button being on the bottom of the vaporizer, this makes it very unique as not many are crafted in this fashion. With a simple twist it is either on and the bottom button can be engaged. The K100 can also be locked by twisting it the opposite way. With three holes drilled into the body of this mod, it gives the perfect opportunity for venting the vapor.

Using the batteries with this kit will ensure safety and avoid hurting yourself. Do not use non-rechargeable batteries.

What are Mech Mods?
A quick run down of mechanical mods are higher powered electronic cigarettes that can either be fed ejuice through a clearomizer/atomizer or a dripper system. This is where the vaper drips the eliquid onto cotton and the coil heat vaporizes the eliquid to vapor. Mechanical mods can come in any shape and size and can vary from variable voltage to variable wattage. They also range in battery sizes which can be replaceable. However, all things good have some bad to it. Be careful of short circuiting which can cause a battery to discharge that heats up and starts a fire. Vents are usually a good thing for purging the vapor and the making sure there is no explosion of the vaporizer.