June 13th, 2017

Last updated on September 12th, 2017 at 06:32 pm

The herbal vaporizer market was getting too stagnant. Since the beginning of 2016, pretty much all weed vaporizers were just about the same with not much change happening to design or performance. Even dab pens were improving and changing yet it has the smallest vape market. Well that just changed because the Hydrology 9 is the biggest game changer yet. It is one of the nicest and sleek looking units that performs like a $300 glass piece.


hydrology 9 vapeIt is surrounded by a thick glass tube which fits the water in the middle. The Hydrology 9 by Cloudious9 stands at 7inches in height by 1.5inches in diameter. The mouthpiece is made from borosilicate glass which has a spill-proof and anti-leak feature on it. It has a magnetic cover on top of it for easy assembly. The top and bottom of this portable herbal vape are made from spacecraft grade aluminum which is guaranteed to not rust or leak either.

The 2000mAh battery lasts around 15 sessions on regular temperature levels. Unlike most units, it charges at just about an hour which is surprisingly fast. One of the newest innovations on this is the “tunnel tube” which is the built-in water filtration system it has to allow the vaper to get cleaner and smoother vapor.


Most portable vaporizers are easy to hide or put in your pockets. They’re also generally discreet but not the Hydrology 9 vaporizer. Even though it’s portable meaning you can leave the house with it and still use it, it may not be the most comfortable vape to take around with you. It can be bulky and big compared to other units with its size. It can be assembled in public or out in the open but it takes more time than most other devices. Overall it can be discreet if it’s played off as a water bottle.

First of its Kind – Hydrology 9 Features

As mentioned before, not much was happening in the vape world before the Cloudious9 came out with the Hydrology 9. It came out with loads of new features that we will start seeing being implemented on newer models from different manufacturers.

  • This is the first vape that is completely water filtered and still give an even heat distribution. It heats up from the bottom and has it travels up through the tunnel tube to the mouthpiece, it gets cooled down by the surrounding water. Then it starts making its way back up to you.
  • Underneath the mouthpiece there is a wire in the shape of a “J” that gets fed into the herbal chamber. This is a stir stick which works when you spin the mouthpiece. The inside wire will stir your herbs around to make sure your vapor is efficient.

How it works

First, use a grinder to grind your herbs up. When you have it nicely ground up, pack the oven chamber and close the bottom portion. Click the power button 3 times to turn it on and 3 times will turn it off. For every one time you click it after that, it will toggle throughout all the temperature levels. Purple has been said to be the best temperature setting according to most reviewers.

To check the battery level on the Hydrology 9 vaporizer, hold the power button for 3 seconds while the unit is off. It will start flashing the color of its battery life. Red means Low. Green means Full. Blue is in between those two.