Some vapers are now changing things up and using advanced e-cigs that come with clear tank systems, rather than cartridges you throw away after using. Most of these tanks have to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to maintain a high quality of vape.

If you have owned an e-cigarette for some time now, and are curious as to how to clean these nifty little devices, then consider our run-down on how to clean your vaporizer’s atomizer tank properly listed below. You’ll be glad you put in a bit of elbow grease to keep your vaporizer in premium condition. After all, it’s much cheaper than buying a new e-cig.

What You Need To Know About Cleaning a Clearomizer

Before you go taking apart your vaporizer, it is important to realize that you may not actually need to clean your device if it falls under certain standards. For example, some vaporizers offer exchangeable tanks that are inexpensive to replace. Most of them come with unique flavors to choose from. In other words, if your vaporizer comes with an e-liquid tank that is not rebuildable then you likely won’t need to clean it. Typically, those tanks last for several months before you have to replace them, so keep that in mind.

Clean Vape Pen

How to Clean your Atomizer Tank

Now that you know what type of device you have, the next step is to start cleaning it. Here are a few steps to use as a basic outline for cleaning your vaporizer atomizer tank.

  1. Fill your kitchen sink or a large pan with clean water. Make sure you clean different tanks separately to keep the parts aligned. Remember to grab a towel before starting the process. Things are going to get icky.
  2. Place your vaporizer or e-cig upside down prior to removing the tank from the battery. This prevents your e-Cig juice from spilling out if you have a bottom coil system.
  3. Unscrew the atomizer from the base of the tank and remove the mouthpiece. Essentially you are completely disengaging the unit, similar to how you would a gun. (Pro tip, take a picture of your unit while it is totally broken down to remember how it goes back together.)
  4. Make sure your sink stopper is secure to prevent your parts from falling down the drain. Next, turn on your water and begin to rinse all of your parts out with fresh water. Top coil atomizer tanks will need to have their wick threads cleansed as well. Be gentle throughout the process.
  5. For an additional clean, use vodka or gin! That’s right; remove left-over e-liquid by soaking your e-cig parts in gin for at least 2 hours. Remove, rinse, and reassemble. This is especially helpful if you plan on filling your tank back up with a different flavor of e-liquid.

Keep your device clean, your vape smelling and tasting incredible, and be healthier by cleaning your atomizer tank on a regular basis. In general, the process listed above takes no more than 30 healthy minutes to complete, so there really is no excuse. Be smart and clean your tank. You’ll be glad you did.

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