December 22nd, 2016

Last updated on August 22nd, 2018 at 05:31 pm

This seems to be a million dollar question that many potential customers have. How much herb does a vaporizer hold? Well to begin answering that, first you must know that it doesn’t matter how much it holds. An herb vape pen¬†does not work like smoking does where you puff and puff to reach a certain effect or point. Vaping your herbs will give you the effect you are looking to reach much quicker and cleaner than smoking will while saving more herbs. Thismeans that you can pack only a minimal amount.

Another thing about packing the herbal chamber can make your herbs taste worse the longer it sits in. When you freshly pack a big bowl, the herbs on the bottom that are fresh get vaped first but the top part is still getting warm. You then place your vape down, go about your business and come back to use it. Over time when you keep doing this, it causes the unused herbs to decrease in quality of taste. Some claim it tastes like burnt popcorn but still say its better than a burnt taste! If all your hits or draws are giving you a weird taste from the start, you might just be on a higher temperature setting. The higher the temperature, the more it will resemble smoking rather than vaporizing herbs.

X Max V2 Pro Herbal vaporizer

So How Much Herbs Fit in a Vaporizer?

With all that said, each dry herb vaporizer will hold different amount. of herbs. Usually the smaller the vape pen the less it will hold (obviously!) but not all are the same. Desktop herbal vaporizers like the Arizer Extreme Q has a really nice big cyclone bowl which holds a good amount however you can probably get as much vapor from a balloon bag attachment than you will from one big bowl off a pipe. The vaporizers quality is a big factor at conserving your herbs which means you save a lot more herb and you do not need to over pack. For portable herbal vaporizers, we recommend the X Max V2 Pro. It’s the most bang for your buck vaporizer that also has a pretty big herbal bowl. It can also be used a triple use vaporizer so herbs, concentrates and liquids are all fine.

The Crafty and Mighty Vape are known to have big chambers. They have been packed up too .5 grams with the right grind and nice tight pack.

Grinding and Packing

Grinding your herbs and the way you pack your bowl are the two keys to getting the best vapor. These three along with the temperature of your vaporizer are what makes vaping more efficient. Grinding is great because it gives your herbs an equal heat distribution. Packing it as a full nug will only vaporize the outer layer. Also packing it pretty loosely and not over packing will do a better job. You want the heat to travel through the herbs and around the chamber to keep it heated all around.

One thing we did not mention is that the moistness or dryness of your herbs will ultimately matter. The dryer the less you will need to pack because it will give the most vapor with little herbs. There are many more ways to get better quality vapor. At the end of the day, it does not matter how big the bowl of the vaporizer chamber is or how much herbs the vaporizer holds. As long as you do what is necessary, you will get more than you need from a small amount because vaporizers conserve a lot of herbs.


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