January 12th, 2019

Last updated on May 15th, 2019 at 10:16 pm

Many customers ask us “What is the best dry herb vape pen under $50?” Based on customer feedback this has become easy to answer. If you are in search of the best dry herbs vaporizer pen under $50.00 for sale online you have come to the right place. Here at King Pen Vapes we have sold over 10,000 herbal vaporizers over the years. Our team does a good job of getting customer feedback so we can actually get real honest answers to all the important questions about battery life, flavor, construction, efficiency and many other normal concerns. This information is coming directly from the people who use each unit on a consistent basis so not only do we hold great value in their feedback, but also actually has a large influence on which products we decide to keep in stock.

To be honest there are not too many good quality vapes for sale at this price point that we can recommend, however we have always gotten some great feedback on 1 in particular. That would be the AGO G5. Many people like this even better than other more expensive vapes because it is so small and still very efficient. Technology is changing constantly and the G5 vape pen has become one of the best units on the market in the under $50 price range. It comes with some great features including, producing good flavor vapor, size, portability, design, easy to use, low maintenance, efficient, and good battery life. It also comes with a 1 year warranty on the batteries and chargers. Below is more some more detailed information based on real customer feedback we have received.


ago g5


  • Vapor Flavor – While most of the dry herb vape pens on the market for under $50 do NOT produce a good flavor we actually get some great feedback about AGO G5 when it comes to this. Most customers seem to be generally surprised that the flavor of the vapor is better than they expected. Especially compared to so many other kind of vape pens, even though this is such a small portable unit. This is very important for most people and often a deal breaker on other cheap units. However you would need the honeycomb herbal glass screen which helps your herbs not touch the coil but get enough heat to vaporize it.
  • Design & Portability – The AGO G5 is extremely small and portable yet still built well and produces a good amount of vapor cloud. It comes with a built in LCD screen display for the battery life. With a ceramic chamber and all other quality parts you can feel safe using it. This thing can fit in your pocket like a pen or small sharpie marker and it looks like a small e-cig when out in public so you can be sure it is very discreet. Most customers seem to like the design very much as it offers a lot of value for such a cheap price weed vaporizer. It is very small, lightweight, looks cool and performs very well. It’s also built very well so you can be confident it will work better and last longer than other similar vapes.

aGo G5 Ceramic Dry Herb Chamber

  • Ease of use – One of the reasons people seem to like this thing so much is because it is very easy to use. You can get some very large sized vapor clouds with the simple push of a button. It heats up pretty fast and does not burn through your herbs too fast like many other small herbal vape pens are known to do. Some of the most common feedback we get is in regards to how easy and efficient this unit is to use and maintain.
  • Efficiency – Compared to other dry herb vape pens under $50 this thing is extremely efficient. Of course it depends on how you use it but most people say they are getting more puffs from less dry herbs. The flavor is good and the quality is generally high.
  • Battery Life – The AGO G5 comes with a 900mAh battery which offers up to 7 hours of continuous use. It takes about 2-3 hours to get a full charge. The LCD screen shows you how much battery life is left so you know in advance when it will run out of juice. Many people love the fact that it also shows how many puffs you have taken.
  • Maintenance – While some portable vaporizers including most vape pens are simply a pain in the neck to use, clean and keep clean the AGO G5 takes all that stress away. It also has been known to last up to 3 years or longer with frequent use as long as it is taken care of which again is not that hard.

ago g5 accessories names

The AGO G5 is the highest ranked and best cheap dry herb pen under $50.

Simply put, we get so much great feedback about the AGO G5 that it has become one of our most popular selling portable dry herb vaporizers. The fact that it is priced so well makes it an easy decision for most people as well as a great gift idea for others. You will find many different weed vaporizers out there but it is hard to find one of high quality that is also easy to use and not over priced.

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