February 28th, 2015

Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 04:52 pm

Dilemmas are pretty hard especially when you are indecisive.  So many questions and so many answers but you still don’t know, well we got it covered. Vaporizers are pretty much divided into two as far as being a desktop vaporizer or portable vaporizer that you can take with you on the go. We are going to break it down for you to the point where you are confident in what you want and need!

Table Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers can be easily recognized as being on top of a table, usually plugged in to a power outlet to power it. There are a few different kind of methods to use a desktop vape depending on the manufacturer. The first method comes in whip-style which is a medical grade tubing that connects the mouthpiece to your vaporizer. This is one of the cleanest tasting forms. The next method is the forced-air or the balloon bag type, which allows you to put your desired herb in the chamber provided. As it heats up it forces the vapor into a bag where you inhale all the vapor from. Last but not least is the dual which is a mix between forced air and whip style. The following is an example of a forced air herbal desktop vaporizer with a balloon bag.

Volcano Vaporizervolcano-classic-vaporizer-easy-valve-set

The Volcano vaporizer has been raved about so much as being one of the best desktop vaporizers ever. It is not the cheapest vape but it sure holds its value as this German product holds a loyal vaper community. Just like almost any other table desktop vape, you can change the temperature on the volcano classic. The Volcano comes with a digital and a classic style. Both of which have the same performance including reliability and durability. The Volcano is sold with either Solid Valve Set or an Easy Valve Set. The solid valve set lets you customize the balloon bag size which also lets you adjust the herbal chamber. The easy valve set is for the set with least amount of maintenance. It comes in two sizes and is more lightweight than its counterpart. Both valve sets come with liquid chambers, herbal chamber, and cleaning brush.

The taste and quality of the vapor is known to be pristine. The classic vaporizer ranges from 266°F – 446°F while the digital volcano ranges from 104°F – 446°F.  The Volcano’s heat exchanger is made of aluminum alloy and the insulator is made from cellulose. There is about a $130 difference between the classic and the digital but they both come with a three year warranty. The Volcano vaporizer with a balloon attachment is known to be one of the best desktop vaporizers.


Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are exactly what they sound like. Portable and easy to take on the go as they use rechargeable lithium-ion or alkaline batteries to power it. They are easily and pretty quickly taking over the vaporizer market as desktop vapes were once the most popular ones. Many portable vaporizers combust the herb rather than vaporizing it so that is one thing you have to watch out for. Usually a small honeycomb glass screen will fix your problem. The most talked about portable vaporizer is the Magic Flight Launch Box which is almost as discreet as a small wooden box.

Magic Flight Launch Box



Imagine a small wooden box, about the size of your palm filled with your favorite herb ready to vape pretty much anywhere. Equipped with alkaline batteries, just press it in and watch it activate. The main reason we consider this one of the best portable vaporizers is because of its price point at below $119 and the obvious reason of a lifetime warranty. Nowadays where big companies try to up sell you on warranty, the magic flight comes with it for free.

Each hand made MFLB comes with two re-chargeable alkaline batteries ready to charge up. They come in three colors ranging from natural (maple), cherry, walnut. With such a short heat up time at 5 seconds, it performs surprisingly efficient. For the best performance, make sure you grind up your dry herbs finely. This helps the heat get to more of your herb in the herbal trench chamber.

Now that you know what does what, it’s time to decide. Do you want to take it with you to your next outing and share amongst friends? Or do you want to stay inside your home and vape away from a bag filled with your favorite herb. Either way you will make the right choice because vaporizers are the best and most efficient way to smoke.