September 22nd, 2017

Haze Technologies wants to build on the success of their original vaporizers, the Haze V2 and V2.5. Haze might have outdone themselves here when they introduced the new Haze V3 Dual Chamber Vaporizer. Similar to it’s predecessors, the Haze V3 features two heating chambers which allow it to dry vaporizer blends, aroma oil and also aromatherapy concentrates.

Haze technologies were created to make themselves be one of the top leaders in the vaporizer space. Using their multi-chambered technology, they’re hoping to change the game. After extensive research and development, Haze eventually brought out their Haze Portable Vape in 2014 and have since then brought out two other sequels to this fantastic unit. Advertising themselves as the ultimate vaporizer for outdoor use, the line of Haze Vaporizers are incredibly portable, simple to use, and versatile. They have claimed that they’re nowhere near done yet and will keep on focusing on and exceed expectations in quality assembling and client benefit.


Haze V3 Dual Chamber Vape is identical to past models with its compact and exquisite design. However, there are some striking upgrades. The inner compartments of the this portable dual chamber vape is built from reinforced fiberglass material which also includes a higher resistance to temperature. The Haze V3 manufacturing is much more solid and strong, including a little change in the battery door latch mechanism which makes the unit significantly safer and sturdy all around. The mouthpiece has been entirely redesigned and it now features a top lip piece which makes for easy removal and cleaning.

The Dual V3 Vaporizer features stainless steel lids which are designed to allow for maximum airflow into the chamber. They have also made an upgrade to concentrate vaping so that there is no leakage from the oil.


The Haze V3 comes with four preset temperature settings that you can see on the LED indicators. They range from 365°F, 380°F, 390°F, to 415°F. Depending on the level you choose, the V3 can take anywhere from 40 to 90 seconds to heat up. The two chambers are separated by stainless steel walls and you can choose different settings for each chamber to get the ideal temperature for the materials you want to use.

The middle levels for vaping dry herbs will be more efficient. Starting at level two, I might switch to level three towards the end of my vaping session if the hits get less dense but would never use level four, unless I’m using concentrates. 415°F will most probably combust your herbs and create smoke rather than vapor.

The performance of the Haze Vaporizer greatly depends on how well you use it, mainly the conduction or convection screens. While the vaporizer convection is considered ideal for use with the dry herbs and conduction for other materials, you’ll have to tinker around with different combinations and settings to find your sweet spot. At the end of the day, when you realize how well this gadget performs, you’ll be in love with your V3. Its performance is certainly on par with the PAX 2 Vaporizer, but I love Haze for its lower draw resistance as compared to PAX 2. It is not as free flowing as the Crafty or Mighty.

What makes the V3 vaporizer handy is that it comes pre-stuffed cans, perfect for situations when you need to enjoy vapes on the go without refilling.

Haze is powered by a 3200 mAh Li-ion battery and it comes with two of these. You can easily take out the battery and recharge using the outer dock. The battery is not just lightweight but additionally presents up to 35% all the more vaping time when compared with the majority of its rivals. The batteries just take around two hours to charge completely.

Quality of the Haze Dual Chamber Vaporizer

Not only does it lets you vape oils and herbs but also the thick concentrates. You may even use them interchangeably in a single session since it has two chamber however that’s not all when it comes to versatility.

The Haze V3 has two drum tubes that can act as the mouthpiece. One is of stainless steel and the other from the glass. Just flip the top cover to the side and insert the tube in. Both of them are pretty long and increase the overall size of the mod. However, the good thing is that when you want to stash it in your pocket, just remove the drum tube. In my personal experience, the glass tube offers a fresh vapor and pure flavor. Meanwhile, the stainless steel got a little warm after a few minutes, yet offered a smooth use.

The kit has two outsized Li-ion batteries but you can only use one at a time. This means that you can always have a spare battery charged at your disposal.


Knowing your unit comes with warranty is a huge safety issue to worry about. The longer the warranty the more the vaporizer company stands behind their product. Haze Technologies offers a 10 year warranty on these Haze V3. When most of the competitors are only doing 1 year warranty, you know this is a good portable dual use vaporizer.

Vapor Production

There are four distinct temperature settings (365°F, 380°F, 390°F, and 415°F.) which are displayed on the front with LED indicators.  Haze can reach these temperatures in 60 – 90 seconds.  Each chamber is separated by stainless steel protective walls that permit each room to heat up at different temperatures, enabling you to vaporize each of your materials at the right temperature to avoid combustion.  Once at the coveted temperature, Haze contains a patented heat-exchange mechanism to provide a new vapor output.