November 21st, 2014

Last updated on April 18th, 2018 at 12:31 pm

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This glass globe vaporizer review will show you the glass globe vaporizer is the best starter kit for beginners. This kit comes with its own vaporizer carry case making it extremely portable and putting an end to unprotected glass breaking in your pocket. You should fear no more of shattering the glass when you sit down. This will help with no unwanted stench or accidental heating up in your pocket. The convenient carry case stores all the essentials of the glass globe vape including the long lasting 1100mAh, charger and glass dome.

Why Use a Glass Globe Vaporizer?

The technological innovations have come so far with vaporizers that the glass globe pen has gotten all the advantages. It has easily made it into a top vape and best vape pens. Matters that has diseased cheap vaporizer pens are no longer of any importance to this glass globe dome vape. Clogging which a lot of pens have an infamous problem with cease to exist on the this. Our globes have been carefully tested for air flow and volume after heavy usage to make sure there’s no air restriction. Another important tip is that there is no plastic around the heating element. Ceramic or glass are the best way to go when dealing with heating anything up and inhaling to prevent harmful toxins going into your lungs. The e-nail coil of the globe dome is made from thermal grade ceramic with a tightly wrapped wick around the globe. The glass globe vaporizer gives the best vapor experiences possible from the best affordable wax vaporizer pen in the market.

Zero clogging.

Globe vape pens never ever get clogged through the airways since the opening is so big unlike other tanks and chambers. This is almost the best part of the glass globe vaporizer. Give yourself to the product that will treat you back with endless clouds of vapor without having you work hard for it.

High capacity.

The ceramic glass dome lets you pack up to .3 grams of concentrate in one coil. Try to leave some room when you pack the coil. Make sure you give some time before each coil heat up. The globe is made up of tempered glass and medical grain ceramic. We thought of many aspects and design starting with the right materials.

Pure ease of use.

To turn the glass globe vaporizer on simply click it five times and again five times to turn it off. When you want to charge it you use the provided USB charger to charge anywhere you desire. The ceramic coils that are included are very easy to replace and can be done by unscrewing the old one then screwing on the new one.

Stainless steel glass globe vaporizer

Is it a ceramic nail or a titanium coil? 

This specific starter kit comes with a ceramic nail. You can purchase a titanium replacement nail.

Does your globe vaporizer come with an extra coil and can I purchase additional coils?

The titanium glass globe attachment comes with an extra coil and you can purchase additional replacement atomizer coils.

Is it the whole starter kit which comes with the charger or do I need to purchase a charger?

This specific glass globe vaporizer pen is the whole starter kit. The kit comes with its own charger set up along with a carry case.

Does my globe vaporizer come with any kind of warranty?

We offer 1 year warranty along with any DOA’s.

Is it 510 thread?

All of our glass globe vaporizer attachments are 510 thread. If you are looking for something else please feel free to contact us with the details of what you want and expect a prompt response.


(1) Glass Globe Vaporizer Attachment

(1) 1100 mAh eGo Battery

(1) USB Charger

(1) Carry Case