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Glass globe attachment atomizers come in dime a dozen shapes. They also come for different types of batteries like the 510 thread pen vapes and elips style batteries. At the end they get the same job done which is delivering huge drags of vapor. The atomizers also can vary from metal to ceramic with wick style cotton or ceramic wicks. Let’s get into some different forms and batteries they require.

Ceramic Glass Globe AttachmentCeramic Glass Globe Attachment

The ceramic glass globe attachment for 510 thread connection batteries comes assembled so all you have to do is screw on the glass dome to your vaporizer pen whether it’s a regular eGo battery or a mod. The ceramic atomizer coils that fit on one of these has a coil that is tightly wrapped around the wick which should usually be kept wet it doesn’t burn out. The final product looks is the glass globe vaporizer.


Titanium Glass Globe Attachment

Depending on the metal, it is recommended to use ceramic around heating elements than metal or plastic. However, our titanium globe attachments are made from high grade titanium to make sure nothing is burning off while the heating coils are turning on. Metal atomizers on glass domes are also great as they produce no funny or odd taste just like the ceramic atomizers.


Elips Glass Globe Attachment

Glass Globe Attachment for Elips, MicroG, & Cloud style BatteriesElips style batteries have there own glass globes because the threading is different. Instead of screwing it on with threads, you just snap it on. An idea of elips style batteries would be the MicroG, Cloud, KandyPens SkyCloud, and more with a round and elips style battery. These elips glass dome are great and most people prefer them over the regular elips coils. They also take the ceramic atomizer coils shown earlier. It’s easy to replace these. Just unscrew off the ceramic piece and screw on the new one.

When you light up the glass globe to vape a cloud of vapor will rise and once inhaled it gives a quick and fast hit that almost knocks you off your feet. One of the best parts about these attachments is that the mouthpiece is too wide to clog so you don’t have to worry about that. The batteries are usually common so depending on what battery you have, you can make your vaporizer into a triple use vape pen with a couple more purchases of accessories like the dry herb attachment and the Ce5+ clearomizer.

With so many companies making glass domes and replicating them with different logos, it’s hard to tell which one is the best now a days. However, at King Pen Vapes, we offer the best quality vaporizers and accessories at the best low prices. We understand some people may use our devices as their sole method for medicines which is why we make all replacement parts bottom dollar with no substitution of quality.

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