November 3rd, 2017

The new G Pen Pro Vaporizer is the coolest new dry herb vape released by Grenco Science. Because it is so new, there is not a tremendous amount of feedback yet, but what we are hearing all seems pretty good. First and most importantly we like it because it looks cool and performs well compared to other similar units. You are getting very good efficiency and effectiveness for the affordable price range.


The best feedback we get for the new G Pen Pro Vaporizer comes from people that are looking for something affordable, very discrete and easy to use. It offers good flavor for a unit this size and allows you pretty good control with three (3) temperature settings, which gives you very good control.


So what is it that you are looking for? Do you know which kind of vape would be best for you and your lifestyle? Below we will cover some of the most important questions we get about the G Pen Pro Vape and answer those questions so you are confident if you decide to purchase it.


  • Vapor Quality: You will get good – very good quality vapor, which include how thick the cloud is and also the flavor. Most units this small offer very small clouds and will start to taste burnt pretty quickly. The G Pen Vaporizer grades very well against competitors.
  • Portability & Discreteness: The G Pen Pro is small and compact with dimensions of 4.5in. x 1in. x 1in. . This makes it very easy to take anywhere and enjoy very discretely. You are getting one of the best portable and most discrete dry herb vaporizers with this level of quality from construction to performance.
  • Ease of Use & Maintenance: This thing is very easy to use, clean and maintain. People really like how easy it is to take out anywhere you want to go and also how easy it is to use. Cleaning it is also very easy and fast.
  • Oven Capacity & Efficiency: The oven is ceramic and holds about 0.25 G of herbs. We recommend grinding your herbs up very fine for the he strongest effect. Most units around this size are for personal use. This unit is perfect for a single person and also works but still allows you to share and still not ruin your experience.
  • Temperature Settings & Controls: The 3 temperature settings include: (375°F) BLUE, (400°F) GREEN and (428°F) RED. Our team likes the overall control because it allows you to start slow and increase the heat throughout your session if you choose, or you can start on medium and turn it up for a faster session. People seem very happy with the overall temperature flexibility and how easy the controls are set up.
  • Battery Quality: The battery featured in the G Pen pro is a 1300mAH rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Compared to other similar units it is pretty good and will offer about 40 minutes of continuous use on medium to high temperatures. Obviously this will fluctuate depending on how you use it. It should charge fully in about 2 hours up to 2.5 hours.
  • Construction Quality: Grenco Science is known for making very good quality units and the G Pen Pro is no different. This is not one of those cheap things you see at the gas station or smoke shop. For under $100 you are getting a very high quality unit. The aluminum exterior is durable, so it slides easily into a pocket, bag, or carrying case and you can expect that it won’t break easily. The silicone mouthpiece is sturdy and is easily removed for quick, simple cleaning. The ceramic internal chamber holds about 0.25 grams of ground-up dry herb.
  • Warranty: All electric components are covered by the warranty for 1 year after purchase.



So it looks like overall the G Pen Dry Herb Vaporizer Review is Very Good


First let’s say that Grenco Science is known for making good quality units and the new G Pen dry herb vaporizer is already building a strong reputation. People seem to like it very much. For anyone who wants a small and simple vape that offers good vape cloud size with good flavor this is a great choice. You are also getting pretty good control overall with the heat settings.  Getting all this for under $100 bucks makes this one of our most popular new selections.