February 17th, 2015

Last updated on May 2nd, 2018 at 07:12 pm

Making e-Cig flavor liquid for your own vaping device involves a good deal of research and work, particularly if you haven’t done this before. To get you down the path towards e-liquid freedom, we’ve developed a brief synopsis of the most important things to consider when you begin making your own e-Cig flavor liquid. Please keep in mind, these are just our tips and if you choose to use them you do so at your own risk.

Some e-Liquid Related Definitions to Get You Up to Speed

  • PG (or Propylene Glycol)- Provides a more noticeable throat hit.
  • VG (or Vegetable Glycerin)-Offers vapers more vapor.
  • Nicotine Liquid- Is available in PG, VG, or a combination of both along with nicotine.

Propylene Glycol

Once e-liquid contains the aforementioned ingredients, the next step is to add flavor along with distilled water and or Vodka and Pure Grain Alcohol.

  • Mg = milligram
  • Ml = milliliter

In an effort to keep things balanced, you’ll need to follow a specific recipe. Depending on what you hope to do, you’ll generally want to keep your nicotine levels at or below 24 mg for safety reasons. You can start at this level and then reduce it according to your preferences (a higher amount of nicotine produces a harsher hit). General nicotine breakdowns are as follows:

  • Omg—10mg = Low nicotine
  • 11mg—16mg = Medium Nicotine
  • 17mg—24mg = High Nicotine
  • 25mg—36mg = Insanely High Nicotine

The maximum amount of nicotine you should ever use for your e-liquid should be no more than 36mg, but the lower the better.

How Much Flavor to Use in your e-Liquid Mix?

After you’ve sorted out the Nicotine levels as well as the type you’ll use, the next step is to determine the amount of flavor to use. With most flavors, you should use 5% to 20% of your total e-liquid for the flavor. If you plan on using more than just one flavor, the aforementioned maximum of 20% would include all flavors together.

As with food recipes, less is more with flavor liquids. You can always add more flavor to fit your taste after you complete the recipe. Also, don’t forget to write down your recipes to keep them for future reference.

Making the Liquid

If you are planning on making around 10ml of e-liquid, your recipe should go something like this:

  • 1ml of flavor
  • 2ml of PG and 2 ml of VG
  • 5ml to 36mg and 50% PG and 50% VG of Unflavored Nicotine
  • Put your mixture in a bottle to shake it around.

For even more accurate flavor recipes, use a simple e-liquid recipe mixing calculator to ensure that your recipe is perfect.

What Kind of Flavors Do e-Liquids Usually Come In?

Flavors for e-Cig juices can come in hundreds of flavors. Every company has its own mixture and ratio of PG to VG which creates its own unique identity in the electronic cigarette field. Some focus more on fruity type flavors like Wonder Worm. Some companies try to do more on sweet and dessert type flavors like Drama Swirl which resembles more of a caramel cone while others go with the regular and traditional flavors like Honey Badger.

Additional Information:

If you want to thin your mixture you can use vodka, water, or pure grain alcohol to dilute it. Typically, you’ll want to use a dilution if you are using 100% VG for your e-liquid. If you choose alcohol for your mixture it will produce a stronger throat hit down the line.