December 11th, 2014

Last updated on September 12th, 2017 at 06:45 pm

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If you ever thought about getting an oil vaporizer for you and a friend instead of buying multiple, then this is for you. This vape kit comes with two batteries and two clearomizers in one case. Now you can share with your significant other. Don’t have anyone you want to share with? Well now you can have twice the fun.

Black and White Dual eGo-T Vaporizer Starter KitEither keep an extra battery around for a backup or have the other pen laying around with a different flavor in it for a taste changer. One is black and the other is white. This specific kit comes with the large ego carry case so you can easily fit both pens in there and possibly squeeze two more 15mL e-liquid flavors in there.

The black and white dual eGo t vape kit comes with two 1100mAh batteries, one white and one black. With a battery that is bigger than the average vape pen at a lower price you’ll be vaping the value. They also have two CE5 clearomizers in there which hold about 1.6mL in each one. They are not rebuildable ce5+ clearomizer but we have that also along with other replacements and upgrades like the kangertech protank 2. It also carries a charger inside, which one is for USB charging and the other is a wall adapter. The charging on this battery is easy and does not take long at all. Simply put the wall charger into the outlet or just the USB charger into your electronic gadget like a computer or laptop, and twist your battery in the chargers end, which is threaded. It also comes with a small easy squeeze bottle to easily pour all your liquids in the exact spot, usually to the side of the clearomizer.

With so many studies coming out every day proving cigarettes are unhealthy and that electronic cigarettes don’t pose a threat nearly as close as traditional smokes. Also there are a bunch of regulations on it now with Canada imposing a restriction on any liquid with nicotine in it. Job places are also imposing bans of vaping in the work place however we are seeing laws loosen up as far as vaping in the airport, ironic huh?

The 510 thread connection on these are almost universal and the most common. Almost any chamber or tank will fit on these as they usually share the same connection type. The name itself has many various reasons of how it got it, with some saying it is because of the spacing size. There are eGo threading and 510 threading which people often confuse. eGo thread goes on the outside whereas the 510 thread thead is on the inside. All 510 threads and eGo chambers will fit on an eGo battery but it will not work vice versa. There are adapters called MT3 to make them work and fit together on one battery. It is almost an inverted 510 thread itself.

With more people starting to vape, it’s easier to find a value and still get more. Luckily, they also come in two for every kit now. This one happens to be a special black and white vape set.


Clearomizer Clogged?

If your CE5 Clearomizer has gotten clogged then don’t fret. You can get yourself out of this mess! First proceed to take a few drags while it is clogged with the power button held down. Then take apart the atomizer and soak it all under warm water. Make sure every part of it gets soaked nicely. Before you can assemble it back together, you need to make sure all parts are dry. There is a cotton wick in the middle of the heating coil. You can place it by a window sill with the sun facing towards it to help it dry out quicker. Once it is fully dried, maybe in about 30 minutes to an hour, assemble it back together. Remember to pour your e-liquid down the side to not get it in the middle needle.