For many of us, dry herb vaporizers have become a solution to their favorite method of smoking dry herb out without introducing another substance in your body. The resulting vapor is free of combustion products such as tar, carbon monoxide and other nasty toxins commonly found in smoke. The heating system uses an electronic herbal vaporizer coil that causes conduction or convection. Most of these vaporizers use heating elements to heat the herb, which effectively transfer heat directly, quickly releasing the air and ready to be inhaled. They are flat and circular in the shape of “@”.

How Dry Herb Vaporizers Work?

The heating of the substance is very fast, allowing more immediate vaporization after turning on the device. Its design is usually very simple and quite affordable. One of the most recommended herbal vaporizer is the aGo G5. You can get or buy the complete kit or just the atomizers, which is the heating element attachment.

The difference between the two is that the kit will come with a 900 mAh aGo battery, camera ceramic connector camera-bank, a nozzle, a spring replacement, 510 thread USB charger, a wall charger, a brush tool for cleaning, and the atomizer chamber just brings a ceramic, a camera-battery connector, a ceramic filter, a nozzle and a spring. You can also buy the aGo G5 accessories kit in a separate purchase.

ago g5 dry herb vaporizer


You should buy the dry herb chamber and you would have no problem since it is compatible with any 510 thread battery and heated with anyone from 900mAh. This is an exclusive product for dry herbs.It cannot enter solids nor liquids because that would break the resistance and stop working. To clean after using it, it is advisable to use a brush especially anything that is hard or resistance because it can stop making contact. These dry herb vaporizers cannot get wet and it is advisable to clean the filters of the nozzle after each use. The dry herbs you can use for vaping are but not limited to eucalyptus, hops, chamomile, lavender,lemon balm, sage, thyme and/or cannabis.

The honeycomb glass screen is a wonder product. It is a glass screen that is placed over the coil of the dry herb chamber. This help the dry herbs not combust by making contact with the heating coil element. A vaporizer should not combust your dry herbs so this honeycomb glass screen is to make sure it doesn’t.

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