June 24th, 2017

Last updated on June 6th, 2018 at 03:59 pm

Dr. Dabber has come a long way from what it used to create to today’s standards. The Aura wax vape pen is the perfect example of that. The design has not changed much from the Dr. Dabber Ghost Wax Vape Pen  as it still contains a battery, atomizer and mouthpiece parts but the way they all come together is definitely new.

Dr. Dabber Aura DescriptionMost vape pens screw onto each other with a 510 thread connection but the Aurora components snap on together with a new feature; SnapTech Magnetic Technology. Most users were wary about it, thinking it would open up in their pockets causing the material to leak or smell up. Rest assured, it has been thought about and tested and Dr. Dabber did a fine job at making sure that’s not a reality.


It performs like it should cost double. The Dr. Dabber Aura dab pen takes really deep draws as its made too. It also never clogs and these are due to the two air holes on the outside of all the atomizers. There is another air hole in the middle right before the mouthpiece. One thing the company is known for is it’s less heat more flavor mentality which simply means there is less heat applied to the material to help it taste better for the user. The fact that the battery has the ability to change temperatures is a giant plus. That can guide you to the effect or taste you want.

Features of the Dr Dabber Aura

  • SnapTech Technology – As we mentioned, the SnapTech Technology on the Aura dab pen has is one of the newest features being implemented on vape pens. It’s cleaner and much nicer overall.
  • Temperature Option Range – Changing of the temperature is a big improvement that many wax vape pens don’t have because other pens don’t have multiple coils to choose from. To change the current temperature output, simply press the single button three times quickly.

3 Deep Coil Atomizers        

Dr. Dabber Aura AtomizersAura Atomizer Ceramic Halo with Quartz Disc

  • Low Temperature All Ceramic Disc
  • No Waste & Efficient Heating Dish

Dual Quartz Heating Rods with Quartz Dish

  • Titanium Wrapped
  • Dual Rods Cover More Surface Area
  • Larger Draw
  • No Material Absorption
  • Designed for Better Tasting Vapor
  • Dual Rod Helps for Ingredient Efficiency

Double Ceramic Heating Rods with Quartz Dish

  • Titanium Wrapped
  • Dual Rods Covers More Surface Area
  • Double Rod Helps for Better Efficiency
  • Ceramic Rods Support Heat Retention


Not all dab pens are alike so there will be a quality cross between some. The Aura just happens to be great in quality from all points of view. It comes with three different types of atomizer with three different types of coils. It comes with ceramic coils an d dualz quartz rod coils and all of these are known to savor flavor because of its low heat. All atomizers have a deep dish so it allows you to pack a lot more than most of its competitions. The exterior stainless steel shell is beautiful done with the seams between the components barely being noticeable. Subtlety makes things much nicer. Dr. Dabber backs up its own products with a one year warranty.

How to Use

To begin, think about which coil you want to use. The dual rod coils are going to give you more heating inside the chamber which will have less room for wax to run around. Making sure you charged your battery, turn the battery on by clicking the “d” button, which is the only button.  To turn it on, click it 5 times quickly and to turn it off, click it 5 times fast. To change the temperature, click it three times. The green light means low heat, blue means medium and pink means high heat.

Choose your desired coil and match the ending to the battery so it clicks to snap together. Use the loading dab tool to dab directly on the coil itself but do not press on the coils too hard. When you have used it for a while, they can be brittle.