November 28th, 2014

Last updated on September 12th, 2017 at 06:46 pm

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The Dovpo Firestone E-LVT Variable Voltage Mod is one of the latest technology in the electronic cigarette and vaporizer world. From its integrated control circuits to its ability to be a power bank for your favorite gadgets. The Portable e-LVT e-Cig comes in an outer rubber shell that will cover your butt from falls and water damage.

DovPo Firestone E-LVT Variable Voltage ModIt is made of zinc alloy and silicone which makes it almost unbreakable. This is why it makes it an ideal vaporizer for people of the outdoors like off-roading and camping. Another interesting fact is that this mod is a water resistant vaporizer so its great for activities like fishing and boating. However, don’t expect to go scuba diving with it. Its also impact proof meaning it can take a fall or even be run over a car after a car wash.

The DovPo e-LVT can be used as a power bank for all your favorite gagdets through the USB out port. The firestone vaporizer supports various products like Apple and Android products. The bottom of the it has an LED emergency flashlight for emergency or camping purposes. It also has a digital screen on the side to show battery power through three different colors with green being fully charged, yellow meaning its half and red showing it should be charged soon. It also shows the variable voltage (3.0V – 6.0V) and the Variable Wattage (3w-15w). It does not come with a 18650 2200mAh battery but can be charged internally or externally.

The 510 thread connector, which is what this vaporizer has, is the most common and almost universal connection for vapes. Almost all clearomizer, tank or atomizer will fit on the rugged, portable, and versatile vaporizer. Unlike many, it has a built in short circuit and over charge/discharge protection.

In the box, it comes with the Dovpo Firestone e-LVT Mod. The charger considers of one USB 2.0, one mini usb, one 8 pin apple cord, and a 30 pin apple cord. Not many come with the batter but this kit from King Pen Vapes includes the 18650 2200mAh battery. The mini wrench is also included which is used to open the battery door along with two back up replacement screws. The kit is concluded with an 11 page user manual to have all the specifics and instructions handy.


DovPo Firestone E-LVT Variable Voltage Mod Includes:

  • -Firestone E-LVT Variable Voltage Mod
  • -USB 2.0 cord, mini USB, micro USB, lightning 8 pin apple cord, 30 pin apple cord.
  • – 18650 2200mAh battery
  • -Mini Wrench
  • – 11 Page User Manual