February 4th, 2016

Last updated on September 12th, 2017 at 06:41 pm

The Dovpo Firestone e-LVT mod, ejuice compatible portable vape is by far one of the most heavy duty pieces that we have ever seen. If GI Joe had a mod, this would be it. That’s probably because it’s boasted as one of the most heavy duty mods, outdoor functional ecigs available now. The eCigarette module is truly for an adventurer that needs a good mod to travel with them on a climbing trip or even rafting on the river. Aside from the piece being completely sturdy it also personalizes your ecig experience for an almost perfect vape every time.

DovPo Firestone E-LVT Variable Voltage Mod

Dovpo Firestone e-LVT mod Specs

For the very first time in the ecig industry, the DovPo uses a process of zinc alloy with a silicone rubber coating on the outside of the unit to ensure that this piece can withstand it all. The vape also features a function lock to maintain your settings so that your session is perfect every time. The portable vape size is ideal, fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. It also comes in different colors: army green, gray and blue.


Battery Life

There is much to boast about with the Dovpo Firestone e-LVT mod battery. It is rechargeable and there are also replaceable 18650 batteries for sale separately if you’d like extra assurance that you’ll have a charge while on the road. It features a static current switch so that you’ll never run out of power and also a secret exhaust hole so that if the battery ever fails there won’t be any issue with the mod’s functionality. There is a really awesome LED light that displays the battery level so that you don’t need to worry about it dying out of nowhere. This mod also offers variable voltage, making it truly a personalized e cig experience. The wattage starts at 3w and goes all the way up to 6w. The mod also allows you to view the voltage that you’re at, so there are no surprises with the DovPo ecig.


Durability and Portability

The Dovpo Firestone e-LVT mod can be considered one of the most durable mods on the market today. The silicone body isn’t only chic, it also protects the unit from dust and water. It’s not exactly waterproof but can’t withstand water from a fishing trip or kayaking. No dust can enter your delicate chambers also. Take this hiking or camping and do not even worry about losing functionality of your vaporizer. A truly travel friendly piece that can withstand any trip.


The Final Verdict

If you’re serious about your eCig and serious about your adventures then this is the perfect mod for you. We love the outer shell, it’s durable and customizable. The variable voltage settings and reader is also super clutch. I’d recommend this to any expert to intermediate e cig vaper.


Each Dovpo Firestone e-LVT mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x e-LVT body
  • 1 x 4 in 1 USB Cable (Apple Lightning / Apple 30-pin / Micro-USB / Mini-USB)
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x English manual
  • 1 x gift box