February 7th, 2015

Last updated on November 26th, 2017 at 07:10 pm

When it comes down to vaping, you need to know what you want and prefer but furthermore, see which one you really like. Some vaporizers will feel good in your palm while others are too big and bulky for that so you need to take a puff using a balloon or a whip. The size substitutes for its quality of vapor and taste. Desktop vaporizers can be more accurate and last longer than their portable and smaller counterparts but can not be taken or used on the go for such recreational activities like hiking, kayaking or even possibly camping.

How We Rate Vaporizers As The Best?

Many people are interested in using a vaporizer for multiple purposes like vaporizing herbs, waxes, and even eliquids. So we took that in mind when compiling this list. A vaporizer that uses the same chamber for dry herbs and wax can clog up easily, so make sure you brush it thoroughly. However, we take multiple criteria’s into consideration like price, looks, performance, warranty and more.

How Vaporizing Started?

Vaporizers first started out as portable as possible. When herbs were first vaporized, they would throw rocks and stoned they would find into huge fire pits. When it would get hot enough, they put the herbs on the rocks and inhale the vapor that comes off of it.

Best Table Top Desktop Vaporizer – Arizer Exteme Q Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme Q VaporizerThe Arizer company has made a big name for itself with vaporizers like the Arizer Solo and the Arizer V-Tower but this is a little bit higher on the scale. It is a little bit pricier but with a noticeable difference. It’s made out of glass and metal so it save the pure clean taste. It is quality crafted from the design down to its performance. Not only is it balloon bag style but it also can be used with a whip attachment too, giving users the flexibility Arizer is known for. This is the new 4.0 version which is even more advanced as it comes with a quieter fan and twice the efficiency. The cyclone bowl stands straight up, which helps it circulate air better. It also has a digital temperaute activation system which is activated by a remote control which controls the fan speed with three settings to control the density of the vapor. The remote control also powers the temperature and powers the vaporizer device. When using the ceramic heating element, it reaches up to its full potential temperature the Extreme Q allows without the worry of toxins ebing released. The temperature gauge is accurate with three heat sensors. Arizer offers the Extreme Q with a three year warranty on the device and a lifetime warranty on the heating elements. The Arizer Extreme Q is priced at $199.99.

Best Portable Handheld Vaporizer – Crafty Vaporizer

Crafty VaporizerWe can write so much about the Storz & Bickel vaporizers like the Mighty vape and the Volcano Classic, pretty much all positive. Such a small and portable vape has so much power, you would have thought it was a desktop vaporizer. In such a tiny little space, it has the ability to vape dry herbs, wax, and flavored liquid, making it a triple use. It weights only 0.3 lbs at 4.3 inches and can be controlled by one button. It is powered by a single lithium Ion rechagreable battery. It has an accurate temperature control and comes with a new idea that no other vaporizer has come with. It has a wireless blutooth fuction app that lets you do various things with it like control the temperatrue setting on basic mode or booster temperature and gives you updates on the battery life. The Crafty vaporizer starts at 365 degrees Fahrenheit and reaches max temperatures of 383 degrees Fahrenheit in about 60-90 second.

Another interesting point for the Crafty vaporizer is the fact that its the first vaporizer to offer convection and conduction vaporization. Convection helps it vaporize contously while the conduction makes sure there is vapor as you take your first puff. Crafty vaporizer, the German engineered device is equipped with a two year warranty at a modest $399.99. Not sure about it still? Check the Crafty Vape Review

Best Portable Pen Style Vaporizer – Ago G5 3 in 1

Ago G5 3 in 1 Triple Use Vaporizer Pen KitThe Ago G5 3 in 1 vape pen is probably one of the best bang for your buck triple use vapes. Not only is it a dry herb vaporizer but it also breaks down to be used for vaping wax and ejuice also. It comes with all three attachments to help you switch out and use whatever you want. Instead of lugging around three different vapes and have it hold you down, you can just take three small chambers with you which are a dry herb ceramic chamber, wax metal chamber, and a CE5+ eliquid clearomizer. A nice and sleek design like a cylindrical pen, the mouthpiece easily screws off with the ceramic dry herb chamber being exposed from the inside. With your ground up herb, fill it up about 1/4 of the way. For dry herbs, its best if you use the honeycomb glass screen to help the herb vaporizer better plus it helps the coil last longer. For the wax chamber, use the dab tool provided to easily spread the concentrate on the tightly wrapped coil around the wick. To use the clearomizer, use a squeeze bottle to squeeze the ejuice down the side of the tank, making sure you dont get any down the middle needle.

The 900mAh battery comes with an LCD display that shows the batteries puff count and battery life left. It is a 510 thread connection which means it is almost universal with any other battery or chamber, incase you want to switch out. This new version charges and lasts 20% longer than its last version. With a portable, reliable, and stylish vape pen that has 1 year warranty, whats there to go wrong. Especially with an ultimate low price point you can ask from any pen vape style, it is only $39.99.