December 15th, 2014

Last updated on August 8th, 2019 at 10:58 pm

Denver Colorado has seen a HUGE spike in vaporizer sales. With the help of people wanting to become healthier and the legalizing of marijuana, vaporizers are everywhere. Quitting cigarettes and going to an alternative route is the number one reason which is possibly the best reason. If the economy is growing with more money being played in the economy, it might as well be towards something positive. Marijuana use is also taking the green route, no pun intended, as a way of consumption. There are a lot of edibles on the market but vaporizer sales still trump it.

Vaporizer sales are not only throwing money into the economic side of the state’s tax revenue but creating more jobs. Even trade shows are popping up more and more now that are held for vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, vape accessories, e-juices and more. Hundreds of different companies from small to large will come out and show off there new line up hoping to bring in new customers and sales.

Snoop Dogg G Pen Double G Series Herbal VaporizerLocal head shops and tobacco store owners in our area that buy wholesale from us have said that they are changing their game plans and strategies. Since most of their sales are coming from vaporizers, they have limited their tobacco products and have brought on newer and different vaporizers or ecigs which has caused all their competitors to do the same.

With vapes being so open nowadays, it has led celebrities to even use them like Whoopie Goldberg, Sarah Silverman, and even the famous Snoop Doggy Dogg. Whoopi Goldberg says she doesn’t go anywhere without it. Sarah Silverman was noted for bringing her vape pen with her to The Emmys, which there is a video of her showing it off during the Red Carpet. Snoop Dogg himself has his own line of vaporizers which he partnered with Grenco Science for. It is called the Snoop Dogg Double G Series Herbal Vaporizer.

Even Denvers Cannabis Cup had a big wide array of booths which a lot were vaporizers. 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup best booth award went to Cloud Penz. The award for “Best Vaporizer” went to Cloud Penz in first places followed by o.penVAPE and then Cloud V by Cloud Vapes.


With aromatherapy vaporizers becoming more popular due to Colorado’s legalization, that’s another type ofvaporizer that is big like dry herb vaporizers. Aromatherapy is essential oil, which is concentrated form of herbs but the chamber or sometimes vaporizer is completely different. The atomizers are more of a tightly wrapped coil around a wick. With a dab tool you just spread or drop the aromatherapy onto the coil and heat it up. As it heats up the essential oils start to melt onto the wick instantly. This create a vapor which you can vape from the mouthpiece.

When vaporizers were first introduced, many people said it was a fad and it would soon be gone. Well with the way things are looking, vaporizers are looking to be a $2 billion industry in 2015, which is almost a half a billion dollar increase from 2014. With more lax laws including marijuana legalization, which just also passed in three more states, Oregon, Washington D.C. and Alaska, vaporizers are only looking up.


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