December 21st, 2014

Last updated on May 8th, 2018 at 03:03 pm

This post is going to be veered off the train tracks so it wont be exactly about vaporizers. However, when there’s a great resource that a lot of people use as a remedy and can rake in millions of tax dollars you would think it would be legal. Well ever since Colorado and Washington shed out into the spotlight and became the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, the game changers did exactly that. With Colorado bringing in about $20 million in tax revenue to the state in the first six months of legalization, some states have come to a conclusion that this could help them. Everyday more and more research is coming out about how cannabis is not as harmful as we once thought it to be. With some restrictions like the purchaser must be 21 years or older and can purchase up to an ounce with a Colorado state ID and out of town visitors can purchase up to a quarter ounce, 7 grams. Washington is not so easy going with this yet and has a little bit more stricter guidelines.

Here are some differences between Colorado and Washington cannabis laws.

1. Colorado allows the growing of up to six (6) marijuana plants in your private domicile or 12 per household but Washington still restricts the growing of cannabis.

2. Washington has a strict no guns in marijuana shops rule yet Colorado is the only state that encourages security at cannabis shops.


  1. The main difference is that Colorado allows growers to sell to retailers and shop owners mainly grow their own. Washington makes sure there is a distinguished line between growers, processors, and shops just like there alcohol laws.

Here are the facts on the next 3 states that just went through legalization through the November 4, 2014 election. In an election where Republicans swept across the country, marijuana legalization was still pushing through.

Alaska – Citizen of Alaska voted and passed Measure 2 on thGrow the Marijuana Economye ballot to legalize recreational marijuana. This news came in on the morning of November 5th with 52% approval percent.

Oregon – Oregon beat the polls by a whopping 55% approval rate on Measure 91. This legalizes and taxes marijuana like Alaska.

Washington D.C. – That’s right you read it correctly, the home where the president resides is a weed legal state now. Initiative 71 legalized marijuana possession with about 69.4% voting for it causing the law to pass and win by a landslide.

Unfortunately Florida does not see the medical benefits of marijuana as they also voted for Amendment 2 which would have legalized medical marijuana. It needed 60% of voter support to pass and it fell short by just 2%.

States to look out for possible legalization in the near future.

California – Since losing by 46.5% – 53.5%, California has changed there view on legalization with the last field poll saying that 56% of potential future voters support California legalization.

Massachusetts – Massachusetts has already legalized medical marijuana and has experienced what the market is all about. Since then they have filled out paperwork to be on the 2016 ballot to have the state vote on there choosing.

With many other states in line to vote for legalization and California coming up for its second attempt, it’s still not safe to say marijuana will be in our futures but for right now we are still in the testing phase and everyone should give it a shot with open eyes.