February 11th, 2015

Last updated on May 2nd, 2018 at 07:13 pm

According to California health officials, e-cigarettes are creating a rising public-health risk by making smoking behavior cool once again.

After several kids have been poisoned by e-liquid and with the rise in number of teens vaping throughout the state, California health officials are raising concern that vaping is a public health issue. Claiming that these teens are vaping and inhaling “toxic” chemicals, health officials are asking residents to stop using or avoid e-cigs altogether.

Dr. Ron Chapman, State Health Officer and director of the California Department of Public Health is heading up the new anti-e-cig campaign. He says, “As we have done with other important outbreaks or epidemics, we are taking this formal step of warning Californian’s about the health risks of e-cigarettes.

For those who are unaware, e-cigs contain a liquid solution that is also known as e-juice, which according to Dr. Chapman, releases toxic aerosol instead of water vapor as many users claim.

We Need to do More Research on E-Cigs

He goes on to say that e-juices and their aerosol contain 10 chemicals found on the California list of carcinogens including such chemicals as benzene, lead, and nickel. Obviously, these chemicals are extremely toxic and can cause serious issues. Chapman also pointed out the e-liquid contains nicotine which is addictive.

“The public needs more facts, not more fiction” according to Chapman. He also states that there are plenty of myths and misinformation regarding e-cigs and e-liquid including that which says that these units emit harmless water vapor which in turn can help tobacco smokers quit their habit. He claims this is false. We encourage him to talk to the many thousands of people that electronic cigarettes have helped with. All the people who have kicked their bad habit with a battery, a tank and a liquid that has water, flavor, nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which are both found in everyday house hold items like food or drinks.

Bold Claim on Electronic Cigarettes

With bold statements like these, it is no wonder the public is frightened. Chapman went a step further to say that e-cigs present the same health risks as traditional cigarettes. This is obviously a very bold claim that should not be taken lightly.

“There’s a growing amount of research that confirms that e-cigarettes are not safe and pose serious health risks for users who are exposed to second hand smoke and for those who are just in reach of e-liquid” according to Chapman.

When he refers to the “within reach e-liquid” he is speaking specifically about children who have accidentally ingested e-liquid and later died. Bottles and cartridges that contain this liquid are not always equipped with child-safety caps which make these accidents more likely.

This is not untrue, as California’s poison-control center can attest to an increase in the amount of calls they have received regarding accidental ingestion. The risk to teenagers is also of concern to public health officials in California.

According to their research, there is a rise in use amongst young teens and adults. However, this is not necessarily accepted across the scientific and analytical community. The Monitoring the Future Survey solidified the fact that young teens are using e-cigs more and more by showing that more young teens use e-cigs than traditional cigarettes. Of course, the reasoning behind that could simply be that fewer teens are smoking cigarettes than ever before. I think this is a major breakthrough. We have found a way to quit cigarettes or even stop kids from starting it, and now the government thinks its not right. Instead of all the money being spent on big tobacco corporations, we should put some of that back into testing these e-cigs. After all, the way its looking, they are not going anywhere.

Regardless, California has now raised the red flag regarding e-cigs and it isn’t likely to be turned around anytime soon.