October 7th, 2017

Last updated on April 17th, 2018 at 10:12 pm

The Cadillac styling of the vaporizers is the Boundless CFV. It is upgraded with integrated modern craftsmanship design on the external casing. The look of this device takes it to a higher level than just a convenient vaporizer for dry herbs. This unit is an exclamation of authoritative style that uncovers a visibly recognizing joint decision. The Boundless CFV Vaporizer takes the versatile herbal vaporizer to a whole new level of development.


The Boundless CFV Vape will begin with direct clouds at that point concede greater thickness with serious satisfaction as the unit warms to higher temps. Utilizing the additional interchangeable warmth maintenance rings will lift your vaping experience. The quartz heating chamber will gather the heat from the component and include a more mild level of heat to your vaping process quicker for an enormous cloud experience. The wood and quartz rings will improve the flavor of your product with their own particular mark expansion of overhauled debauchery. This occurs as the unit warms the wood alongside your item and the flavors in the specific wood grain is discharged.

The device shows the correct temperature that you are vaping with a digital screen. It is easy to select your temperature choice or powering on and off so this is a laymans true vaporizer. The unit is also super set for the mechanically less inclined. The CFV vaporizer is designated to be easy to load, easy to use, and very easy to maintain.


The CFV by Boundless is a clean convection heating method for your preference of medium to fine ground dry herbs. That means that your herbs are deposited into a chamber that heats with a surround effect for even temperate vaporizing within the chamber. This is why it is called a true vaporizer. Topping off this consistent and thorough heat implementation is the bonus of the heat retention rings. The quartz and stainless steel ring heat the most extensively and grants more massively dense clouds that anyone can imagine getting from a portable weed vaporizer. The wood rings don’t collect and contribute the heat as much in any noticeable degree, but they do enhance the flavor and contribute to the sheer enjoyment levels that you will attain.

The unit is a direct draw delivery for your vapor path. The bowl is easy to access under the mouthpiece. There is little to no resistance to your pull if you pack the bowl generously with a fine to the medium ground product, but just keep it loose so the air will pass through more efficiently. This unit is designed at every level to accommodate a beginner as well as sharpen the skills of a veteran.

Overall this unit receives accolades for its uncanny ability to preserve and even enhance the taste of your ground dry herb product. Beyond the preservation of the flavor, it also minimizes the amount of waste. Therefore, it also preserves the longevity of your product. The unit starts out with a slow roll on the density of your cloud and increases as your unit reaches its optimal temperature. The unit has a digital temperature display on the side that represents your vaping temperature in exact numerical increments. The temperature range of the CFV transitions from 140℉ then increases to the hottest temperature of 446℉. The unit is offered in variant colors of hot red or subtle black. You can attain a fully charged ready to get going unit in a minimal time of two and a half hours.

Vapor Production

Vapor quality of the CFV is a mixed bag. On one end the flavor is outstanding, you can taste all the subtle flavor notes of your herb and because there is no conduction. Conduction will give you a burned flavor where as convection gives you the pure taste.

On the other hand, visible vapor production is a bit lacking, particularly in anything below 200 Celsius. Moreover, to get any decent cloud production, you have to bump the unit up to its max. This is also counterintuitive if you want a true vaporizer so keep it at middle level of around 356℉ to 390℉ will be ideal

However when you compare this unit to a unit like the Cloud Pen Paragon with the dry herb attachment, it becomes abundantly clear how better the vapor production is on the Boundless. When you are able to change the temperature with a convection vape, that is when you realize what smoking is missing, flavor and quality vapor.

The benefits of the thinner vapor production are that vapor on the whole is smoother than most other hybrid or conduction units, so if you are a person who tends to cough a lot when vaping, this unit may be more geared towards you. However, if you are looking for visible vapor, look elsewhere like the Cloud Pen Paragon


The design of the CFV follows along the same lines of Boundless previous products- the Boundless CF and the Boundless CFX. On the side of the vaporizer are the display, 3 activation buttons, and the charging port. The chamber of the CFV is under the mouthpiece and can be exposed with a half a turn of the top part.

The device is a convection vaporizer, implying that the heat is generated outside the chamber and then passes through the herb to heat it up. The air is sucked in from the bottom, passes through the heating element, and then through the chamber that can have a flavor ring, and then into the mouthpiece. Another good example of a convection vaporizer is the Firefly 2.