December 4th, 2017

Last updated on December 8th, 2017 at 10:54 am

Another one of the popular questions we get frequently is “what is the best weed vaporizer under $100?” This may be a harder question to answer than you think. With so many different models each offering unique features this depends largely on what features you are looking for. Most people like to have a few

g pen pro vaporizer herbal chamber

different vapes and this includes at least 1 kind of portable or personal. If that is what are looking for then you should consider the G Pen Pro Vaporizer. It is a very popular portable vape and very efficient personal herbal vaporizer that allows you to take your vape on the go pretty much anywhere. Grenco Science has been around for a while making good quality units and this one is no different.


The G Pen has a sleek matte finish and feels very well-balanced. It has an ergonomic feel which makes it easy to hold. The vape pen is not completely round, and will not roll off the table if laid down. Just like the G Pen Elite, the G Pen Pro is a well-designed unit that feels sturdy and is aesthetically impressive.


  • Vapor Quality: Most people think of a portable vape and expect bad flavor or bad performance overall. But our team was pretty impressed with the vapor quality that you get from the G Pen Pro compared to most other units this size. If you blast it on the high setting constantly then you will most likely burn through your herbs fast and taste more burnt flavor. If you start slow and utilize the medium heat setting you should enjoy more flavor throughout each session.
  • Portability & Discreteness: This is one of the smallest weed vaporizer you can buy and still expect to enjoy your herbs. It is smaller than most portables because it is designed and intended for use by 1 or maybe 2 people. This is not a party vape although it can handle more use than most others this size as well.
  • Efficiency: This is a very well made portable (personal) vape and designed to provide maximum efficiency. Because the oven is small (only about 0.2g-0.4g) you cannot over pack it so there is no need to worry about burning through too much at a time. This is one of the more efficient models we have tested but it is highly recommended that you let your herbs dry out and make sure they are ground finely for the best results.
  • Heating Source: The ceramic oven is small but very efficient provides a good flavor so you can still enjoy your herbs, while this is a problem with many other units in the same size and price ranges.
  • Temperature & Control Settings: The G Pen Pro comes with (3) pre-set heating temperatures which are a little higher than most portable/personal vapes and that is great because it gives you more control. The settings are: Low (Blue) 375℉, Medium (Green) 400℉, High (Red) 428℉. How does this give you more control? Much of the feedback we got from our customers was advising us to start on Low and quickly increase to Medium for most of your session. Only turn the heat up High at the very end to finish it. This allows you to still get pretty good sized clouds and good flavor without burning through your herbs too fast.
  • Battery: The battery is very impressive because it allows for a very quick heat up time which is rare for most portable vapes. Additionally, it offers enough power to get good large sized vapor clouds when desired. The auto shut off feature (after 3 minutes) does serve a good purpose. Nobody wants to keep burning through herbs or having a dead battery. You should get at last 30-40 minutes of usage from a fully charged battery.
  • Design & Construction Quality: Overall most people are impressed by the quality of the design and construction. It is hard to get a portable and personal dry herb vaporizer to please everyone but the G Pen Pro certainly makes its case by offering ceramic heating, strong construction, strong battery, good efficiency and all this for a very fair price.


Overall people seem very pleased with the quality, performance and price. If you have any questions or are looking for something a little different please don’t hesitate to contact us and someone will be happy to help you find the perfect vape for you!



What else makes this one of the best dry herb vapes under $100?


People usually have the same types of questions before they purchase a vape.

How easy is it to use? The G Pen Pro is very easy to use and maintain.

How well is it built? Grenco Science has built a good reputation for producing well made, stylish vapes that work well and are not just for show.

How efficient is it? You are getting very good efficiency for a personal vape. Most users say they average about 6 good draws per session.


Overall we think the G Pen Pro by Grenco Science is one of the best choices of portable & personal dry herb vaporizers for under $100. Just like anything else you should figure out how it works best for you and also try to take care of it so it can last as long as possible.