November 24th, 2017

Last updated on May 27th, 2019 at 02:31 pm

Triple Use vaporizers are becoming more and more popular as people are starting to discover that you can use one unit to vaporize three different materials. You will still actually get a really great vapor quality and flavor consistently but without all the toxins caused by smoking. A good quality unit will also help you to conserve your herbs and obviously save you money. Did you know that smoking actually burns away a large portion of your herbs? They are essentially wasted or “up in smoke” if you will!


There are several reasons we think people are switching over from smoking at record numbers. Being a healthier process is obviously the main reason for the change. The best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to get a good quality unit. We offer a large variety of the best quality dry herb vaporizer units and many of them are under $100. For some people this is very important.


Who doesn’t want to save money?  But what is more important is that you can expect to get a quality unit that produces high quality vape and overall a generally good purchase experience.  Our team takes pride in our selection and customer service. Many of our customers return because not only do we have great prices but also they know they can always count on getting a great overall service & experience.



Many people email us asking what is the best dry herb vaporizer for sale under $100


This is one of the most popular questions we get. While the answer may be different for each person you can always figure out which unit is the best fit for you. One of the most popular vapes we sell which has gotten really great feedback from our customers is the X Max V2 Pro Vaporizer.


Many of our customers are looking for a bargain but worry that they will not be able to get a premium quality vapor experience without breaking having to spend too much. There is no need to worry. The X Max V2 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer is one of our top selling units for several reasons. Below we will discuss some of the popular benefits of this particular unit.


What makes the X Max V2 Pro one of the best dry herb vaporizers under $100?


When it comes to getting a good deal but still getting good performance from your vape this is a no brainer.  Aside from getting good value this unit also offers many benefits to the user. Here are some of the features that are getting great feedback from our customers.



  • Vapor Quality – The X Max V2 Pro delivers a very nice (thick) vapor cloud, which is hard to find with most portable vaporizers.
  • Portability & Discreteness – This unit is very easy to carry with you anywhere you go and you don’t have to worry about breaking anything. Do you enjoy going to big events like concerts, sports venues or just going out with your friends for the night? Now you can still enjoy your herbs without having to worry about any of the normal inconveniences associated with smoking.
  • Oven Capacity & Efficiency – The oven is ceramic and the vapor path is short. Having the top load option and a pretty good size chamber makes this unit very efficient and easy to use.
  • Temperature Settings/Controls – You get pretty good temperature flexibility with 5 settings including: 356℉, 374℉, 392℉, 410℉ and 428℉. This allows you to start on a lower temp setting when you start and increase the heat as you go through your session. The benefit here is that you can control the process and avoid overheating your herbs. While some experts believe these settings are not always exact it still offers a very good range of control.
  • Replaceable Battery – This unit comes with a replaceable (changeable) battery. So while the battery offers average time (about 45-60 minutes) one of the awesome features is that you can switch it when 1 battery dies. This way you can always have one fully charged and ready to go so that you don’t have to wait.
  • Easy Usage & Maintenance ­– This vape is very easy to use and maintain, with only 1 button, 1 chamber at the top and the controls are very simple. It is very easy to load & empty. Also you will not get as much “build up” after each use as you do with most other portable units. There is nothing difficult here and you can expect a very stress free overall experience.


We hope this information helps you make the best choice. Here at King Pen Vapes you will find a good selection of high quality units, many of which are priced under $100. Depending on what you are looking for we can always help you find the perfect selection and you will save money.