February 10th, 2015

Last updated on April 18th, 2018 at 12:36 pm

Hash oil wax has not been popular for so long but it has a lot more accessories than you think. It has different name like BHO, honey oil, earwax, and more. Using a pick or dab tool, you use it to scrape it off and put it on your coil. A wax pen vape coil is a little different than a dry herb chamber heating coil. Instead of a circular flat coil, it is a tightly wrapped coil around a wick. Depending on the vaporizer or chamber, some wicks might not be as strong as others. Don’t worry about these three wax pens, like the title says, “Best Three Wax Vape Pens”. You don’t want your vaporizer heating up too much as this will cause the vapor to evaporate quicker along with your wax vaporizing too quickly. There are many more wax vape pens but we chose these because of warranty, price, reliability, looks, and overall uniqueness. With all this being said, lets jump right into it and get started from number three down to number 1 one best wax pen.

  1. Kingpen by Dabkits

Gold KingPen by DabkitsThe Kingpen Dabkits has a really nice, classy, and, sleek design. It looks like what Sherlock Holmes would be puffing on if you found out he was into vaporizers. With a push of a button on the side, a cloud of vapor will start to form and you could take your puff. This is not only a vape pen for wax but it also has a dry herb attachment for your herbal needs also. It comes included with the rechargeable battery, glass dome, dry herb chambers, dab tool, and the four wax attachments needed for wax. They give extra just in case you burn one out. The globes and coils are replaceable. The reason we like this so much is because of the design and lifetime warranty. Not only is the design something that we have not seen but it looks absolutely stunning. The vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty so if your Kingpen wax vape stops working, just get a replacement. At $89.99, it’s not too bad of a price for what it offers.





  1. Ago G5 3 in 1

Ago G5 3 in 1 Triple Use Vaporizer Pen KitThe Ago G5 3 in 1 isn’t truly a wax pen vape only since it is a triple use vaporizer. Triple use means that it can be used for three different things including dry herbs, wax, and liquids. However, this vaporizer was not going to be passed on. It was featured in Gizmodo as one of the best triple use vape pens. The battery life on it is second to none. Lasting almost a 7 continuous hours of vaping with an LCD display to help you know when your battery is almost done. The threading is a 510 thread connections which means it’s almost universal and can be used on just about 90% of vaporizers out there. If you mess up the coil, you can buy a replacement wax pen chamber. Use the dab tool included in the box and heat the coil up a little while applying the wax on the dab tool to the coil. Screw the mouthpiece back on and start vaping away. Do not over pack it as the coil can break. Another thing to remember is that the more you use it, the more brittle and loose the heating coil gets so be careful. At a low price point of $39.99 this wax pen is up there with the other big dogs and even gets work done in other areas as well.




  1. Glass Globe Vaporizer

White Glass Globe VaporizerThe glass globe vaporizer is one of our best sellers for a simple reason, it’s a very simple vaporizer. This is why we love it. Nothing fancy or crazy about the glass globe vape kit. Just a ceramic glass globe and an 1100mAh battery to get going. The battery and the glass globe are both 510 thread so they’re easily replaceable whether you want to use a different battery that molds into the palm of your hand differently. Ideally, you don’t want to use variable voltage batteries as these can short out the heating element. The best part about the globe attachment is it does not get clogged. With such a wide airway, there is no way of clogging this little bad boy up. The coil has a pretty big diameter to fill it up with up to .03 grams but is not recommended. Like the Ago G5, keep it to a minimum, it will help you. If you are not too fond of ceramic coils, you can buy the titanium coil glass globe.  The glass globe vaporizer was chosen because of its simplicity with no clogging at the lowest price point on a wax vape pen at $24.99.

Conclusion on Wax Vape Pens

As you can see, wax pen style vapes come in different shapes and sizes. They vary from triple use, to globes, to different designs but at the end of the day, they all do one thing, vaporize wax into a vapor form. Remember, price isn’t the main thing to show how good a vaporizer is, so the pricey ones don’t matter much. Simplicity is key.

With that being said, there are more and more wax vape pens being introduced to the market that you might have not heard of before. Here is a quick catch up on what has come into the vaporizer market in the past year.



Linx Hypnos Wax Vapor Pen

Hands down, the Linx Hypnos Wax Vape Pen has the sleekest body design ever made. It is made entirely of medical grade stainless steel. The mouthpiece also contain a glass mouthpiece so makes it safer to inhale all your vapor. There is not a single glur, plastic, paint or fiber in the Linx Hypnos. It is a small pocket sized vape that fits anywhere at only 14mm by 100mm. It also has a variable temperature settings which changes from low (blue), medium low (green), medium high (yellow) to high (red).


Dr. Dabber Vape Pens

Dr. Dabber has earned himself a big name especially when he has one of the biggest names in the concentrate industry talking about this wax vape pen. It is a fairly simple and small wax vape pen. The Dr. Dabber Ghost consists of the battery, atomizer and mouthpiece which all screw into each other. A full charge will give you about 2 hours of continuous use which lasts about 200-400 puffs. It makes it good for a session of 1-3 people. The chamber is a titanium coil wrapped around a silica wick in the chamber.


KandyPens Galaxy

Coming in a white “GALAXY” case and containing a mouthpiece, chamber, battery, dab tool and USB charger, the Kandypens Galaxy one of the most simple wax vape pens. It uses a wax chamber with two quartz with a coil wrapped around it. It fits a total of .5 grams of wax or concentrates in the chamber but its best to keep it lighter than that. In total it is the size of a ballpoint pen. It comes with a sparkly and glossy outer shell. The battery on the KandyPens Galaxy is also a temperature controlled battery which changes from 350ºF (red) to 390ºF (green) to 430ºF (blue).