February 5th, 2019

Last updated on May 15th, 2019 at 10:11 pm

Vaporizers tend to get pretty pricey pretty quick. They can start as low as $34.99 but they can go all the up to $499.99 like the Volcano Classic Vaporizer. We know that can get steep and not everyone wants to shell out so much dough on vaporizing. Going healthy doesn’t always require to be expensive. Four out of the five are portable herbal vaporizers where the other one is a desktop vaporizer. Desktop herbal vaporizers tend to be more expensive due to its quality and taste of vapor but can not be used on the go. Recently a lot of websites and blogs are showing you how to make your own herbal vaporizer but why go through the risk of making something that can be potentially hazardous to your health when vaporizers are so inexpensive nowadays. Not all of these vaporizers are created with discretion in mind but you can be the judge of the looks of that. After reading this you will never go back to using homemade MacGyver techniques.


5. Ago G5 Dry Herb Vaporizer

Ago G5 Dry Herb and Wax VaporizerThis made the list specifically for its price point. It has been one of our best portable herbal vaporizer getting sold out quite a few times since our stores inception. What people like most about this vape pen is the sleekness and LCD display that tells you how many puffs you have taken along with how much battery charge is left until you need to recharge. It comes with a 510 thread connection so its pretty universal as to using different tanks or chambers on it. You can get a replacement dry herb ceramic chamber, a 510 thread wax chamber, or a Ce5+ clearomizer for e-liquids making this a triple use pen. The battery life is great for such a small vaporizer, letting it last through 7 continuous hours of vaping. Due to the herbs coming in direct contact with the coil, a honeycomb glass screen will be needed to make sure your dry herbs don’t combust. It is very to use. Unscrew the top and fill it about a quarter of the way of your favorite ground up herb. Then press the power button to light it up, let the herbs catch some of the heat then inhale. This is a wonderful pen to start vaporizing with and starts at a low a price of $34.99. Make sure not to pack more than 1-2 hits. After each hit, open the mouthpiece to check the herbs. You may need to re-pack a new chamber earlier than expected. It comes with a brush that you can use to clean the chamber. Normally, it would be good to use the brush after every full session you have had.

4. G Pro Herbal Vaporizer

All G Pro Herbal VaporizersThe G Pro comes from the well know company Grenco Science, who brought you the Action Bronson Micro G Pen and Snoop Doggs vaporizer line. They are known as the Apple of the vaporizer world due to their compact and unique designs but this one is totally different. A little bigger than its previous line up of vapes but performs much better than any. It is big enough to fit into the palm of your hands but small enough to pack a mean cloud of vapor while still fitting into your pocket after. It is the first Grenco Science vaporizer to use a variable temperature control on it device. You can change the temperature setting from mild, moderate, and hot. Playing around with this will help you find y our ultimate setting for your specific herbs to make sure you have the best quality of vapor and taste. You don’t even have to replace the chamber or coil on these like you would have to with the micro g coils. The G Pro herbal vape pen comes out pretty sitting at just under a buck, $99.99. When you first get the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer, make sure you fully charge it for about 6 hours before your first initial use. Play around with the unit and the temperature heating settings to get used to it. If its too high you might burn your herbs. There are new designs of the G Pro like the Snoop Dogg version, Army Camouflage, Black Scale and Floral Scale.

3. DaVinci Vaporizer

Green DaVinci Portable VaporizerThe DaVinci vaporizers are not only herbal portable vaporizers but they are also for wax. With a cool design it competes in the walkie-talkie vape class which compares with the Iolite, a butane portable vaporizer. The power of this vaporizer is pretty second to none for a battery charged vape. The best part about the DaVinci is the fact that you can control the temperature settings with the maximum reaching to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. This is important considering it is a dual use vaporizer and different herbs or waxes vaporize at different temperatures.  The company heard its customers and added an internal storage compartments for 3 times the chamber capacity. So now you can have packed herb or oil on the go and refill it with ease. As this may cause clogging, they have added a cleaning brush to help scrub the residue. The mouthpiece is made from flexi-straw to withstand breaks and holes from bending so much.  It is also fit for the average hand yet still built well enough to last through more than a few hard drops. They have recently launched a commercial on Virgin Airlines, making the company Organicix Llc, the first vaporizer company to do a national/global commercial. The DaVinci vaporizer is priced at a modest $139.99.

2. Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

Arizer Extreme Q VaporizerThe Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer was the desktop herbal vaporizer we were talking about earlier. It looks almost futuristic for such a present day device. With temperature control settings being so popular among these vaporizers, you can bet this one has one too. It also has an autop shut off feature that turns the device down or off when it has reached a certain temperature, to keep from overheating and combusting. With a lot of the vaporizer being made up of metal and glass, it is a toxin-free unit that gives off clean and pure vapor taste. Just like the ago g5, the Extreme Q also has an LCD display except this one shows you t he temperature setting you are on along with preset temperatures. With desktop vaporizers being one of the most consistent and purest vapors, there’s no second guessing as to whether this will be the most expensive one on this list, and it is. It comes right under 2 bills, at $199.99.

1. Magic Flight Launch Box

Natural Magic Flight Launch BoxThe Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer is one of the most compact vaporizers that vaporizes dry herbs incredibly in such a small state. The heating trench in the launch box is engaged by the click of a rechargeable AA alkaline battery. Just throw your ground up herb inside the trench and watch it bake up slowly. It does not give a huge cloud of vapor but just enough for you to feel just one puff. Its so portable it can be taken anywhere and put into any of your pockets. This vaporizers wooden box is 100% handmade which is why the manufacturer can dish out a lifetime warranty on these babies. They make their own gadget and stand behind its back knowing it will not break. The reason we chose the magic flight launch box as number one is simply because of its handmade simple design, its lifetime warranty, and its starting price point at $114.99. There are a couple other designs which are the cherry color at $129.99 and the walnut that is $139.99.





With vaporizers coming and going, there is no telling when the next best one will come out, but one thing King Pen Vapes knows is which vaporizers out right now are the best that fall under $200. Let us know your thoughts and what you would add or take away from this list.