January 14th, 2017

Last updated on December 1st, 2017 at 11:53 am

People often ask us what is the best portable dry herb vape pen for sale online under $100.

X Max V2 Pro TemperatureIf you are one of those people wondering what is the best portable dry herb vape pen under $100.00 we have the answer. We have sold many different dry herb vape pen models over the years. Our team works hard to get real customer feedback so we can find the answers to questions like this. We get feedback on the important things like: battery life, vapor flavor, construction, efficiency and more. Because this feedback comes directly from real customers who actually use our vaporizers every day (some more frequently than others) we hold great value in their feedback. This information also helps our team make important decisions about what products we decide to keep in stock.

If you are in search of the best vape pen under $100 you have probably seen many different options for sale. The problem is that most of the vapes for sale out in the market are made really cheap or could even be fake vaporizer models. Realistically there are not too many good quality herbal vaporizer pens for sale at this low price point that we can recommend with confidence that you will like it. One unit in particular that we have gotten really great feedback about is the X-Max V2 Pro. This is a portable and triple use vape. It is larger and built better than most units in the same category. The V2 Pro has some really great features and performs like a much more expensive model. Some of the things our customers seem to hold great value in are as follows: great vapor flavor, good size, portability, design and construction, easy to use, low maintenance, very efficient and good battery life. Below is some more detailed information based on real customer feedback we have received.

  • Size, Design & Portability – The X Max V2 Pro is actually a little bit larger and heavier than some of our other popular portable dry herb vape pens. This makes it very sturdy. Also remember this is actually a “Triple Use Vape” meaning it works with dry herbs, liquids and extracts. Most other units in this price range do not offer this feature. The V2 Pro is heavier than most portable vapes but is still conveniently easy to hold, use and carry around. Made with a ceramic heating chamber, isolated airflow path and all other quality parts you can feel safe using it. Most customers seem to like the design very much as it offers a lot of value for such a cheap price. This unit looks cool, performs very well and is built very well too so you can be confident it will work better and last longer than other similar models.
  • Vapor Flavor – One of the best things about using a vaporizer is being able to taste and enjoy a wide range of flavors and aromas depending on
    what kind of herbs you use. One problem with most portable and low priced units is that you simply do not get the flavor you want or expect. Often they give off a “darker” flavor similar to burnt popcorn from the first puff. One of the best features of the X Max V2 Pro according to our active customer base is the quality flavor of the vapor it produces. Everyone seems to be very pleased with this. Vapor flavor is important for most people and often a deal breaker. The problem is that you don’t get to test them or try them out first so you will never know other units taste bad until after you have made the purchase, but with the V2 Pro that will not be a problem. Much of the reason the flavor is better and also why this is considered one of the best dry herb vape pens under $100 is the separate air flow chamber.
  • Ease of Use – Another thing we are getting tons of great feedback on about the V2 Pro is that this thing is so easy to use. You can get some very large sized vapor clouds with a few simple clicks. It heats up in a minute or less and does not burn through your herbs too fast like so many other small vape pens do. Some of the most common feedback we get is about how easy and efficient this unit is to use and maintain. Simply put it is easy to load, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Efficiency – Compared to some of the other best dry herb vape pens under $100 the V2 Pro is extremely efficient. This always depends somewhat on how you use it, but most people say they are getting more puffs and better puffs of delicious vapor from less dry herbs per use/session. People are saving money after making the switch and still enjoying their herbs even more than before. Are you ready to make the switch yet? If not keep reading and you will be!
  • Battery Life – One of the best features about the V2 Pro is that you can actually use it while it is charging. The battery offers about 1 full hour of use. It
    only takes about 2 hours to fully charge. Also, you can purchase an additional battery (cheap) or several and switch them out when the one you are using drains. They are very cheap and commonly used so they are easy to find as well. Being able to use it while it is charging is a very nice feature not being offered by many portable dry herb vape units under $100.
  • Maintenance – The X-Max V2 Pro is one of the only portable vaporizers that is very easy to clean, maintain and offers a long life span potential. The feedback we are getting is great. People agree it is VERY easy to load, use, clean and it is build very well (strong construction). It also has been known to last longer than most even with frequent use as long as you take care of it, which is easier than with most other units.

If you are looking for the best portable dry herb vape pen under X Max V2 Pro Parts$100 this may be it. The X-Max V2 Pro is one of our most popular sellers for many reasons.

Our team is very comfortable recommending the X-Max V2 Pro as one of the best portable dry herb vape pens for sale online under $100 or even $150. Keeping in mind that it is also a triple use unit makes it even better. But simply put this thing is built very well, easy to use, easy to maintain, offers a very good vapor flavor along with nice vapor clouds. Stop wondering which unit to buy and give this one a shot. We make this recommendation based on many sales and real feedback from real customers who all seem to have nothing but good things to say.

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