July 13th, 2015

Last updated on May 2nd, 2018 at 03:31 pm

We’re all aware of the side effects of smoking cigarettes, but are we aware of the side effects of quitting smoking? Many report a weight gain when they quit smoking, some even cite this reason as why they’re not going to quit at all. These tips should help you continue on your new cigarette free lifestyle without losing your figure. Here at King Pen Vapes, we are all about a healthy and green lifestyle.

  1. Prepare healthy, calorie controlled snacks.

A lot of the reason for gaining weight when you’re quitting is the oral fixation factor. When we get a craving we recognize that we want something to put in our mouth and we generally reach for the closest item whether it is healthy or not. To avoid this roadblock in your health just prepare some snacks before leaving the house. Carrot sticks, celery, string cheese, granola bars and other foods of that nature will work. Being prepared for these off handed cravings will allow you to not gain too much while quitting. You just quit cigarettes and from a nasty destructive habit. You do not want to alternate the unhealthiness for something else that won’t help you in the long run.

  1. Get Active.

Take this time to spruce up your workout routine. If you have low levels of activity try to throw an evening walk into your daily routine or if you are already quite active take this time to try a new activity. Changing your physical realm along with the big change of removing cigarettes from your day will allow your mind to keep the endorphins running and battle any quitting onset chemical imbalances that may cause anger and stress eating. Exercising makes you naturally feel better mentally and physically which is going to play in important role is helping quit faster.

  1. Travel with a water bottle.

All day you will be faced with cravings in those times that used to be accompanied by a cigarette. When you’re driving, with your coffee, after a cocktail, when socializing with friends who still smoke; and the list goes on. Don’t necessarily replace your addiction, which is how some people end up gaining tons of weight when quitting, but do condition your mind to think about something else at these crucial moments in your day. Carrying around a reusable bottle allows you to chug water each time that you crave a cigarette. Instead of going for the cookie jar at these moments eventually your brain will go straight for the hydration, which actually helps you to lose weight. Staying hydrated is another tip that keeps you from gaining weight as a big reason to why we get hungry is because of dehydration.

  1. Keep your hands busy.

Now is a good time to acquire a new hobby that utilizes your hands. Knitting, gardening, building ships in bottles; it doesn’t matter! Put your hands to work so that they aren’t wishing that a cigarette was draped between their fingers. For those of us who are inclined to ween off the nicotine more slowly it is a great idea to pick up an e-cigarette to get through the hardest of cravings. Allowing yourself to get used to a new activity and keeping your hands active will ensure that you don’t keep them active with snacking. It is never a good idea to quit something cold turkey and this will help your body not feel the shock of suddenly quitting. Electronic cigarettes definitely help your body slowly work its way to a magical path of being smoke-free.

  1. Buy some sugar free gum.

Just like your hands, your mouth is also less busy than when you were a smoker. Pick up some sugar free gum and pop it in whenever you have a craving. Cravings will last approximately 3 minutes and gum flavor generally outlasts that. When you feel the need, grab some sugar free gum to chew and wait it out. This will help you stand strong in quitting and ensure you don’t put unhealthy snacks in your mouth and gain weight. Gum can also give you the oral fixation you might need to forget about the current craving you are going through.