As you have noticed, we have a new line-up of e-liquid from Avalanche Vapes. If you guys tasted what they had before, you would have LOVED it. A perfect mix of 60/40 of VG to PG with sometimes a 65%/35% PG and nothing but clean taste with clouds of vapor. Well they changed things up, a little … or a lot! They went from only offering 15mL bottles to 15mL and 35mL bottles. We offer Avalanche Vapes e-Liquids in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine. They offer more but we only decided to carry those 4 strengths as they are the most used and vaped. A major difference between the old bottles and the new ones is one you can’t miss, they are now glass bottles! This means you have to be careful, especially behind red lights when dripping! Just kidding. Don’t vape and drive!

Avalanche Vapes changed up their lineups so instead of the 20+ flavors they carried, they have shrunk it down to the best and top 12. The names and flavors did change for the most part but the quality did not. It is also much safer to have your bottles in glass jars than plastic, as the plastic can melt off particles from the heat.

Here are the 12 flavors they have.

  A sweet and crisp green apple tastes so juicy when you bite into it but the vapor is thick like an avalanche rolling down! Sour yet sweet and clouds are nothing but what this flavor gives.

Bombermelon: Remember as a kid chewing on those green hard watermelon bubble gums that’s were red and chewy on the inside? Now you can vape it!

Eskimo’s Pipe: What can possibly be that good inside an eskimo’s pipe? Imagine tobacco mixed with a nice hint of caramel with a bit of vanilla.

Husky: This is the one that packs a nice punch to your tastes buds from the sweet taste of candy.

Iceberg: Candy cane mint is the ULTIMATE flavor for a mint based flavor eliquid. It’s usually best and goes along with a nice mix of another flavor of your choice, just make the right choice and create a fusion of fury!

Lemon-Ski: If you like lemon pound cake, you will be in a daze after seeing what this has to provide. A mix between lemon pound cake and a nice cool menthol flavor.*

Naner Shred: Just like the original banana bread this will give you a taste like no other loaf.

Peach Plunge: Go into a peach orchard and just smell the fruits around you. Now mix that with a creamy richness from the fruit flavor.

Pear Peak: Your favorite chapstick from your childhood memories is probably pretty close to the taste and smell of this.

Purple Summit: Not many words can describe this as good as a long lasting sweet grape taffy! It’s pretty grapey.

Strawberry SlopesStrawberry Slopes: A nice soft cake mixed with a heavy strawberry icing on top, in the middle and the bottom with a surprise creamy filling.

Toboggan: No matter what, you almost always have to have an original robust tobacco blend flavor laying around somewhere. It’s just a traidition man!

*Be careful of the lemon and cinnamon based flavors which can cause a crack or even break your clearomizers if they are made from plastic. Glass tanks like the Kangertech Pro Tank 2 we carry are fine.

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