September 12th, 2017

Last updated on September 19th, 2017 at 03:01 pm

The next device I’m going to conduct a review is the AtmosRx Junior Vaporizer and is intended to give anyone planning to purchase a vaping kit to know more about this product and be guided accordingly. So, I won’t keep you waiting let’s move on to this vaping model and checkout what is has to offer to all vaping enthusiasts.

Overview of AtmosRX Junior Vaporizer

For those of you who are looking for a quick brief of the AtmosRx Junior Vaporizer, here are some facts that you need to know at initial glance:

  • It’s ideal for dry herb materials and can deliver at least 76% quality of vapor.
  • This unit can also provide 86% vapor quality for wax and oil concentrates.
  • It’s compact-built for easy usage and portability.
  • Reasonably price to suit every newbie’s budget.
  • It’s a multi-purpose vaping device, both for dry herbs and wax materials.


The design of AtmosRx Junior Vaporizer takes the resemblance of a small flashlight with its size and built. In fact, you can easily slide it inside your pocket or travelling bag. If you will compare it with Raw, this vaping device appears smaller and with some changes, the most visible is the ceramic chamber.


As I’ve mentioned the AtmosRx Junior Vaporizer can work efficiently both for dry herbs and wax or oil concentrates, making it a versatile vaping tool for those who wish to try different kinds of vaping materials.  Unlike the other vaporizers I’ve come across and done reviews, the chamber of AtmosRx isn’t very deep. For newbies, expect at least six (6) impressive draws. With its ceramic chamber, it assures users of only flavorful vapor without the unpleasant taste which is an amazing treat for those of you who don’t like cleaning their vaping tools often.

AtmosRx Junior Vaporizer operational setting is quite easy. You just need to press the power button to turn it on and hold it down if you want to heat up the coils. It will only take five seconds for this vape to produce quality vapor during initial draw. If you are vaping dry herbs it may require holding the power button longer before you can get enough vapor production.


Based on my personal experience the battery life of AtmosRx Junior is quite decent, but not as good with the Raw’s battery usage duration. Charging the AtmosRx may require eight (8) hours to reach full charging cycle during the initial use with one to two hours on the succeeding charge.

This vaping device functionality is at its best when vaping waxes because it doesn’t leave a burnt taste while vaping.

Another nice feature that makes the performance of AtmosRx impressive is it doesn’t leak or make any mess while inside your pocket, ensuring users of maximum usage of their vaping materials. Lastly, this vaping device heats up instantly with quality vapor production, making it the perfect vaping partner for those who are on the go and would like to indulge in quick draws.

Advanced microchip technology

This is one of the impressive features that I discovered while using AtmosRx Junior, it uses advance microchip technology. What does this mean? It simple refers to its temperature control setting where users are given assurance that this vaping device doesn’t overheat or burn your favorite vaping materials. I think this advanced technology makes AtmosRX Junior Vaporizer the safest vaping tool because it doesn’t it eliminates the combustion of harmful products.

Final Verdict

The AtmosRx Junior Vaporizer is a perfect vaping device for people who want to vape anywhere they please, either at the comforts of their homes or outside while enjoying their surroundings. With its portable size and design, anyone can use it without drawing attention to what they are doing. No need to look for a lighter, paper or butane because this vaporizer can be assembled easily and heats up within seconds for your vaping session.

I do hope this product review gave you valuable information about the AtmosRx Junior Vaporizer and its distinct features from other available portable vaporizers sold in the marketplace. If you are looking for a vaping kit that can work well both for dry and wax materials, why not check AtmosRx Junior Vaporizer and discover what convenient vaping really means with this vape.