November 20th, 2016

Last updated on September 12th, 2017 at 06:35 pm

Gold Carbon Fiber Atmos Jump VaporizerThe Atmos Jump is the most discreet dry herb vapor pen on today’s market. It has a beautiful design that will compliment either the male or female style and fashion sense. Other than the mouthpiece, the unit is a beveled uniform module that is moulded from a durable metal composite shell. Other than the mouthpiece, the components within are the only mechanical features. This unit’s design is designated as competitively as a vaping fashion accessory, as much as it is a tool of pleasurable indulgence.

The Atmos Jump is innovatively designed by the esteemed team of engineers, designers, and technicians at Atmos. They have succeeded in designating the Jump to be the go-to portable dry herb vaporizer that will accommodate your every need and whim. It is a super functional, low maintenance, and very discreet trend setting device that is storming the market.


To begin, the Jump by Atmos uses a convection style heating chamber which is located under the mouthpiece. This ensures that your dry herb is  encased in a full surround style of heat which definitively affects your vapor production and taste.

The surround heating effect delivers a thorough all encompassing heat throughout your load chamber. That prevents hot spots from developing and belays the risk of burning your dry herb or actual combustion within the chamber. Circumventing the risk of getting too hot or  just too hot in spots preserves your flavor and your product.

The unit itself is super small. It measures only six inches in length which not only makes it extremely portable, it also gives the overall appearance of an actual e-cigarette. That gives the person using this device the ability to go incognito while vaping, even in public. It also produces less aroma from the vapor of the dry herb product that you are using but it does produce less massive clouds of vapor unless you have been vaping long enough to really generate the heat.

The unit is composed of a durable carbon fiber metal that is fabricated into a uniform mold. The chamber is anodized that transfers heat evenly without theInside Atmos Jump Dry Herb Vaporizer Chamber threat of fissures from overheating during the endurance your vaping session. The filter is ceramic which is located in the mouthpiece, on top of the anodized chamber. The unit is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that produces 1200mAh of power.

The chamber consistently preserves the bold flavor and the aromatic appeal as it remains great tasting for the endurance of every vaping session. The vape path is a direct flow with a short passage so you get the full effect of the flavor that your product is emitting. The ease of your pull will also depend on the tightness of the load. A loosely packed bowl will allow for easier air flow, but a tightly packed bowl will burn slower. The chamber is noticeably wider than most units of this type of design. That makes this unit’s design considerably easier to pack and overall use. The chamber can hold up to a fourth of a gram of dry herbs which is a sizable amount for a substantial vaping session, even if you share.

The Jump is operated with the simplicity of just pushing a button, and the unit is designed to be easily maintained. The hardest part of maintaining this unit will be your adequacy at keeping your battery charged up, your oven packed, and the ability to locate the occasional cotton tipped swab.


The Jump is steadily collecting accolades for its easy use ability and low maintenance features. It is a unit that is equipped with an extra wide chamber that makes it easy to load which is a major attribute for social vaping enthusiasts. The dry herbs you are vaporizing will be encased in an anodized chamber and never come into direct contact with the heating source. The anodize is to give it a nice blueish metallic look and help keep it safe from toxins.

The battery is fully rechargeable. The unit will recharge in about two hours minimal time and three hours maximum. There is only one temperature setting so that reduces the indecision of variable settings and trying to choose which is best. The battery life will extend to accommodate you through about five or six normal vaping sessions. The duration of wait time between powering on and vapor ready is approximately about ten seconds. That is the maximum amount of time you will have to wait before you indulge; unless you have let your battery expire.

Atmos is so assured that this unit is constructed of quality materials and components that they guarantee this device for a full five years of normal vaping use. The unit is easy to clean and maintain. The unit also works with the same easy use ability as a regular e-cigarette so you can enjoy the freedom of vaping your dry herbs anywhere with a minimal risk of discovery that you are vaping a dry herb preference rather than a nicotine derivative.

Pros and Cons


Just like anything we use in life there are the ups and downs to everything. The Jump from Atmos is no exception to that time tested rule. As for the advantages of using the jump, you can begin with the affordable price. This is one of the most affordable units on the market that is a signature innovative marvel averaging less than seventy dollars throughout the vaping distribution world.

The vape path is a direct draw short passage. The anodized blue chamber chamber is located directly under the mouthpiece. Directly below the load chamber is the stainless steel heating unit That maps out the operational avenue of the Jump’s actual vaping process. This system readily produces excellent flavor but it is delivered in less dense clouds. That is a condition that is repeated on a noticeably consistent level with the Jump.

The unit is easy to use with a simple load configuration, and easy to clean, if you can manage to keep up with a cotton tipped swab. The battery life is noted for lasting a long time and the unit is absolutely rechargeable per an onboard USB port. The Jump is also lightweight,commands an easy grip ratio in your palm, it is noted for its easy portability, and it has a quick heat up time that delivers you to the time space of pleasurable indulgence quickly.


The only main thing we didn’t like is there is only one temperature setting which may be a turnoff for some species of vaping enthusiasts but if you do not like to have to choose between the variables then the one temperature setting is a plus. Without the varied selections, this feature will actually remit the utmost level of pleasureable experience that you can expect. This is a simple load, engage, enjoy technical device.

Usb Atmos Jump Vaporizer Charging SlotHow to Use the Atmos Jump:

The Atmos jump is really easy to use. The very first order of business is to fully charge your herbal vape pens battery. Locate the oven chamber under the mouthpiece. You simply load the chamber with your preference of ground dry herb. Click the button on the side of your unit three times to activate the power mode on your unit. The power ignition will be indicated by the orange glow on the LED of the button. Wait for the light to turn green, then enjoy your experience. When you are done you can repeat the three click sequence and the unit will power off.
The Jump’s rechargeable battery is regenerated through a USB Micro port that is located at the bottom of the unit. You simply plug in the cord from your unit to a power supply and let time do its thing. Beyond that make sure you brush out the units chamber after each session. The cotton swab will only be needed when resin begins to build within the chamber. That is simply a process of dipping the swab in a little alcohol then swabbing out the resin. That is all that you will really have to do as for maintaining this device in first rate shape.