November 19th, 2014

Last updated on September 12th, 2017 at 06:46 pm

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King Pen Vapes wants to introduce the best and top dry herb vaporizer to come out. With a click of a button your vaporizing your favorite herbs and oils. Ago G5 Dry Herb VaporizerThis is the best vaporizer from the aGo lineup of vapes. It is compact enough for your pocket yet it packs a huge hit. With the LCD screen at the bottom of the battery, you wont have to worry about not having juice in your battery. It warns you of how much power is left and how many total puffs you have taken so far. The chamber that comes with it  can be used for dry herb, essential oil, concentrates or wax.

We believe the aGo G5 is special enough for our inventory for a few reasons. The chamber it comes with is a 510 thread connector which is almost the universal threading connector for vaporizers. This gives it an easy interchangeable task so when you want to put a new chamber, tank, or atomizer on your battery, its very simple. The price point of the G5 makes it almost a no-brainer. For less than $30 you get the entire vape kit including the 900mAh battery with LCD display, dry herb/wax chamber, mouthpiece, usb along with a wall charger, dab tool, brush tool, and two extra springs for replacement. Most vaporizers need something else like a coil or head to start vaping but not this. Vape on the go right out of the box!


Battery life is almost incomparable. With only 2-3 hours to get fully charged up you will be on the go in no time. The 900mAh battery is said to last about 7 continuous hours of vaping with some customers raving they have been vaping for almost a week with no charge. This is almost a 20% increase from the last version. The LCD display lets you know everything you need to know like how many puffs you have taken and how much battery is left. Make sure to drain your battery before re-charging.

Dry Herb Chamber and Mouthpiece:

aGo G5 Ceramic Dry Herb ChamberThe inside of the dry herb chamber is constructed with ceramic to make sure it heats the herb in a uniform pattern. The outside is lightweight sold metal to make sure it stays cool even when the inside is heating up. The mouthpiece is a rubber with a ceramic filter inside with holes big enough to allow the vapor through. The ceramic filter help small particles not seep through the mouthpiece and into your mouth. It helps it stay free from contaminants.

To get the full and effects of vaporizing your source, you will need to use a honeycomb glass screen.


How is the chamber on it?

Dry herb chambers on the aGo G5 are circular and flat coils. The outer walls of the chamber is ceramic. This chamber has no plastic around as we are not the biggest fans of heating and inhaling plastic. King Pen Vapes always recommend glass or ceramic.

Do your aGo G5 come with an extra chamber and can I purchase additional coils?

No, our aGo G5 does not come with any extra chambers unless you buy the 3-in-1, however we do sell extra dry herb replacement coils in our Vaporizer Accessories category.

Is it the whole starter kit which comes with the charger or do I need to purchase anything else?

King Pen Vapes has you covered. Just purchase the set and you’re ready to go.

Does my aGo G5 pen come with warranty?

Of course it does!. We don’t accept anything less than high quality so we stand behind our products. All electrical components like batteries will be under warranty for 365 days from your order.

How long can I expect it to last?

Depending on how often you use it and well you take care of it. Its not good to over pack it or keep charging it. Make sure you drain the battery and pack small. Also make sure it is finely grind and crushed.

Is it 510 thread?

Yes which is why this is one of our favorites. Just about any chamber, tank, or clearomizer will fit on this. Use it for e-liquids or change up the chamber and use it for wax.