Advantages of Dry Herb Vapes

There are a lot of reasons to get a dry herb vape over a new pipe or paper. However, many traditional smokers have many reasons why they don’t want to switch over to the vape side. Most smokers are deterred from switching to vaporizers because of the heavy price increase compared to the familiar pipe or papers. What any smoker should know before writing off spending on a vaporizer is that a high quality dry herb vape is truly an investment. You’ll end up saving money in the long run if you invest in a good dry herb vaporizer. There are also some advantages of using a vape that make buying a quality piece worthwhile. Maybe they’re against vaporizers because they think that vapor doesn’t get you as medicated as smoke. Well vaping is actually more efficient than smoking. There are some real advantages to dropping the smoking and picking up a new vaporizer.

Vaping is Better For Your Health

Traditional smoking is a combustion form of intaking your herbs which can produce tar and carcinogens. Also the application of a lighter can add over 200 ppm of butane with your herbs. If you’re using these dry herbs as medicine, you don’t want to add in things that have been proven to cause unhealthy diseases. True vaporizing cuts the butane and the act of combustion out of the equation completely. When vaporizing herbs, what you inhale is 80% – 95% smoke-free and carcinogen free. While smoking and combusting your herbs, the smoke that is inhaled only gives you 12% of the ingredients in the herb. Vaping your herb will deliver 95% of the active ingredients in your herbs.

Effects are More Pure

Given the information above, it’s safe to say that vaping will be more effective since it gives you access to the entire content of the herbs. You’re also experiencing the vapor without the side effects of combustion. Dry herbs roughly are supposed to burn around 356°F – 390°F. A joint will burn up to 2012 degrees Fahrenheit which will not only give you respiratory issues and create noxious gas in your lung system but it also burns off a lot of the medicinal properties of the plant. When vaping, it’s been shown that the THC levels are higher in the vapor emitted opposed to smoke. With a lower level of carcinogens and harmful gasses as well as higher levels of THC, vaping creates a more smooth and pure effect.

You’ll Save Money on Herbs

Getting the most from your herbs by getting a full spectrum of the active ingredients not only makes your effects more pure, it also makes it more intense. This will create a well rounded medicinal effect than traditional smoking. It also takes less herbs to receive more intense effects than traditional smoking.



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