September 18th, 2016

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Just because vaping is still more or less in its infancy, it doesn’t mean that it is excluded from the realm of restraints, conditions, and rules. From the onset of recorded civilization, there has been a perceived unwritten code that defines the difference between what is acceptable or what is considered vulgar conduct. That is why with vaping, just like every other new or old past-time or lifestyle, there are some fundamentally common do’s and don’ts. These are societal stipulations that define our boundaries, manners, common respects, courtesies, and unwritten (or even written) law for the world in which we vape. These conditions surround all aspects of our vaping lives, even in private settings, but especially for the social and recreational side.

That is the generating mechanism behind this article. Vaping shouldn’t be shunned by polite society because of any misunderstandings nor through the ignorance of unwritten rules. Just to keep everyone on the same page, here are the rules written, that apply globally. These are the rules that will freely keep vapers vaping while others still respect us.


Vaping in Public


The Rules of Vape Etiquette

Know the vaping laws for the area you are in. That doesn’t mean just the exact laws down to the penal code of the town, county, state, or country that you live in. It is inclusive of anywhere you are at the time like work, restaurants, and any place at all that you visit outside the walls of your own home. It even includes the rules of the apartment complex that you may live in, especially if you prefer to indulge your recreation outside where you may come into contact with other tenants. Also keep in mind that even though the owner of some places may be ok with it, it does not mean you are allowed to do it. Some owners restrict vaping out of respect for their customers or tenants.

2. Be conscientious of your environment. In the privacy of your home, you are afforded more freedom unless you are in someone elses home. You also need to be aware and respectful if there are visitors in your home especially in the presence of children. The same restrictions apply if you are in the car whether it is yours, a friends, or a form of public transportation. If someone is around you, think twice before vaping.

If you are in public, it will depend on where you are. For instance, at an outdoor event such as a concert or sporting event, break away from the crowd. Don’t just sit in amongst the general public blowing vapor in the faces of everyone around you. Also even if you step away and there are still people in your general vicinity it is still considerately ask them if the vapor or the particular aroma of your blend will be offensive or a nuisance. Look for designated smoking areas and use them. Although vaping is not considered smoking by vapers, it is under law.

If you are alone in your residence then by all means enjoy. Explore your vaping options and play around with your unit (within safety range). Find out what the alternate flavors or blends have to offer in regards to your vaping preferences.


Do's and Dont's of Vaping


3. Know your vaporizer whether it is for herb, oil or wax. First off not every unit is the same. Vaporizers differ in size and in the way that they work. Some use vapes use wax concentrates, some are dry herb vape pens, some use oil like electronic cigarettes, some are for group vaping, some are for single use, some are portable and some are not. They do have some commonalities though that you do need to observe, recognize and live by. For starters, no matter what vaporizer you use, you will always get the best results and the highest quality of flavor by cleaning your unit after each use. If your unit doesn’t come equipped with an auto shut-off, make sure that you shut down the power. Also it is recommended that you try to never dry out the battery by neglecting too recharge and that you do not under any circumstances vape while you are plugged in unless the directions say it is ok too. That not only puts undue strain on your battery and shorten its lifespan; it is outright hazardous for your safety.

Make sure that when it comes to replacing batteries that you use the manufacturer’s recommendation and not some off the wall brand. Some batteries will burn out your coil in the chamber and some just won’t fit the thread connection of your chamber.

4. Group vaping is pretty common especially as vaping becomes a norm. Many medical marijuana patients cannot smoke due to throat or lung problems. Many will also use a desktop vaporizer like the Arizer Extreme Q or Volcano Classic Vaporizer in group settings like a party. Try to refrain from wet-lipping the mouthpiece if you are sharing a single mouthpiece unit. Most of all do not partake if you are sick or at least warn your friends that you are. Also there are certain limitations on group vaping such as restraint in the depth of the pull you take. Unless you feel that you are packing an endless supply that can sufficiently accommodate the whole group restraint is key. Last but certainly not least, especially in a social setting, if you are hot boxing or filling the room up with vapor, make sure everyone in the room knows what is going on so that if they choose to refrain they have the option of doing so.

5. Stealth vaping is a novel concept for discretion in any setting. This is simply a means of using a less aromatic substance if there are other people around so that the aroma isn’t considered offensive. Unless you are using a low temperature burn that doesn’t produce massive smoke clouds then the best avenue is to use restraint. Try to take a vape hit only as many times as you need to attain your level of need or preference. Also be conscious of the device you are using. No one wants to see the big bulky units in public so if it is in a public setting, a vape pen or a discreet vape like the Micro Vaped FOB in a demure color is recommended for not drawing attention to yourself or what you are doing. Also even at home be inconspicuous, don’t just leave your business laying around for all who enter to see, get into, handle, or even borrow without asking.

These are the prime unwritten; now written rules for vaping anytime, anywhere, and even with anyone.


Ultimate Guide to Vaping Etiquette

Vape Etiquette
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